Samantha Vargas ’14

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Samantha Vargas ’14, daughter of Victoria and Richard Vargas, is a Political Science major from Splendora, Texas. She is also taking masters courses at the Bush School of Government and Public Service for a Masters in Public Service and Administration with a concentration in Homeland Security. Samantha serves as the Corps Scholastics Officer on Corps [...]

Spencer Le ’14

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Spencer Le ’14 is a Computer Science major with a minor in Business Administration from New Braunfels, Texas, and is the son of Melisa and Tri Riggs. Spencer serves as the Commanding Officer for Squadron 12 for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Active within the Corps, Spencer served as the Squadron 12 First Sergeant, [...]

Callie Cheatham ’15

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Callie Cheatham ’15 is a Chemistry major from Lake Jackson and is the daughter of Phyllis and Mike Cheatham. Active within the Corps of Cadets, Callie is serving as both the Squadron 20 Scholastics Sergeant and Chaplain for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Her work within the scholastic chain provides guidance to freshmen cadets [...]

Kathleen Crocket ’14

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Kathleen Crocket ’14 is a History major with a minor in Military Studies with a focus on American Sign Language from Frederick, Maryland and is the daughter of Nan and Dennis Crockett. Kathleen will serve as Chaplain and Judge Advocate General (JAG) and Inspector General (IG) for Company F-1 for the 2013 – 2014 year. [...]

Cadet Brawnlyn Blueitt, ’13

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Brawnlyn Blueitt, an International Studies major in Politics and Diplomacy with a double minor in Arabic and Military Studies, is the daughter of two former Texas A&M Corps members, Pauletta Brown Blueitt ’81 (Squadron 14) and Odis Blueitt ’82 (Company B-2). Currently serving as Corps Scholastics Officer, Brawnlyn, originally from Squadron 12, is currently the [...]