Shaheed Adam Barket is a Global Arts, Planning, Design and Construction major, minoring in Urban Planning and Business, from Denton, Texas. He is the son of Sajjad Ali and Zella Barket.

After being denied entry to Texas A&M twice, Shaheed made his life’s mission to never quit pursuing his dreams, including being an Aggie. He made a trip to Aggieland after his second denial to discuss an alternate route, and was ultimately admitted to Texas A&M as a Fightin’ Texas Aggie. In a situation where Shaheed could have given up, he chose to never quit, and credits this opportunity to be an Aggie to his faith in Christ.

Shaheed joined the Corps and became a member of Squadron 18. After his fish year, he became an Outlaw in Squadron 8. On the Quad, Shaheed serves as the Scholastics Officer for Squadron 8. Off the Quad, he has been involved with BUILD to serve those in need.

Shaheed will be graduating in May 2021.  After graduation, he plans to enlist into the United States Navy. While he’s not sure of his plans after serving in the Navy, Shaheed is certain that he wants to help those in need in whatever he decides to pursue.  He encourages all to “be someone special, go when you are called, and remember to never quit.

We are proud of Shaheed and his passion to withstand adversity at all levels. We are confident in his future success and wish him the best! Good luck and Gig ‘em, Shaheed!