Sebastian Pereira ‘18 is an Environmental Studies major from Katy, Texas.  He is the son of Alma and Carlos E. Pereira.

Originally from Squadron 12, Sebastian currently serves as the 2nd Wing Recruiting and Public Relations Officer.  Within these two roles, he hopes to spread awareness about the Corps of Cadets and to recruit a strong, motivated Class of 2022 that follows the legacy that came before them and sets an example for leaders of the future.

Sebastian has achieved much success in his time at Texas A&M.; He is a proud first-generation college student and received the Joseph’s Coat Foundation scholarship, as well as a Regent’s scholarship. The Regents’ Scholars Organization (RSO), established in the fall of 2007, provides an opportunity for Regents’ Scholars to form a close-knit community at Texas A&M; University. The RSO assists first-generation students with their college endeavors and to serve the community with excellence and integrity.

Upon graduation, Sebastian plans to further his education by obtaining a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies. He hopes to seek a career performing research focusing on the interactions between humans and the environment.