Developing Leaders For 140 Years

The Corps of Cadets has been developing leaders of character for our state and nation since 1876.  Cadets learn both theoretical and practical aspects of leadership in a military-style environment that complements their academic education and prepares them for a lifetime of success.  In addition to leadership opportunities within the Corps, our cadets gain valuable leadership experience in student government and other student activities.

Did you know?

There is no military obligation when you join the Corps of Cadets. Cadets are required to take ROTC classes during their freshman and sophomore year as these classes provide formal leadership education and practical leadership experience.

Military Training at Texas A&M

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets has produced some of the nation’s finest military leaders. While membership in the Corps carries no military obligation, the Corps consistently commissions more ROTC officers than any institution in the country.



Army ROTC at Texas A&M is one of the best leadership courses in the country.  The leadership development program encompasses academic, military, and physical training in a moral-ethical environment designed to produce officers of high moral character for our nation’s Army.  Our program has numerous scholarship opportunities available as well as studying abroad, participating in summer military training schools, and internships for those wanting to pursue a commission as an officer in the Army, continuing the long history of Aggies proudly serving in the US Army.

Naval ROTC

Navy ROTCNaval ROTC cadets at Texas A&M participate in the largest NROTC program in the country with a long tradition of excellence.  As a member of the NROTC program, students learn firsthand the roles and missions of the Navy and Marine Corps team.  In addition, the focus on academics, leadership development, and personal fitness prepares students for success in a very dynamic and highly competitive work environment.  For those pursuing a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps, students participate in rewarding training opportunities with Navy and Marine units in both the U.S. and overseas.  NROTC students fly with Navy and Marine Corps pilots, embark on ships and submarines, work with Special Operations units and train with marine infantry, artillery and other combat units.  For those looking for a challenging and rewarding experience join NROTC at Texas A&M.

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC boasts over 600 cadets making it the largest AFROTC detachment in the nation, commissioning more officers than any of the other 144 AFROTC detachments.  The highly demanding and successful program  focuses on three top priorities: Academic Excellence, Exceptional Leadership, and Cadet Well-Being.  Cadets frequently garner highly competitive national scholarships in Pre-Medicine, Nursing, and Engineering in addition to typical Air Force High School and In-College Scholarships.  Texas A&M AFROTC cadets are consistently handpicked for competitive internships to prestigious US government laboratories.  Most importantly, Texas A&M AFROTC cadets are selected for commissioning at a rate 8-10% above the national average.

Did you know?

The Corps of Cadets may be best known for preparing students for commissioning into the military, but more than 60 percent of cadets enroll in the Academic Certificate in Leadership Studies program.

Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership

Academic Certificate in Leadership Studies

The Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership is a comprehensive program of development that combines the formal study of leadership concepts with the intentional application and practice of leadership principles. The program directly supports the Corps mission statement and enhances participants’ capacities to be value-adding leaders in both the public and private sectors of the workplace. Moreover, the program also provides internship and job placement assistance to cadets. Although initially designed for cadets not pursuing a military commission, this program is available to all cadets and other Texas A&M University students.

Cadets enroll in the program at the start of their junior year in the Corps and begin in earnest a facilitated journey in turning their education into a sustainable vocation. The students pursue purposeful learning objectives and intentionally engage in hands-on practice — a combination of activities that helps students construct deeper meaning from their experiences as organizational citizens. Capitalizing on the immersion experience offered by the Corps of Cadets, the Hollingsworth Leadership Excellence Program uses an approach that emphasizes reflective personal and professional growth and helps participants establish a pattern of continuous learning and mindful living. Participants who satisfactorily complete the entire program earn the Certificate in Leadership Study and Development. This certificate is an academic credential recorded on the student’s official transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

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