Jordan Hosein ‘21 is first-generation Aggie, pursuing a degree in Physics major, with minors in Astrophysics and Mathematics. Jordan is from Orlando, Florida. 

On the Quad, Jordan currently serves as the Executive Officer for Company S-1. He is also a member of Parsons Mounted Cavalry, and has participated in the BBQ Chain as well as Bonfire.  Off the Quad, Jordan has enjoyed conducting research with the Department of Astronomy for the past few years.

“I was introduced to Texas A&M by my parents who signed me up for a weekend with Spend the Night with the Corps and the Junior Cadets Accession Program in 11th grade,” he said. “I knew Texas A&M was for me when I learned about all the traditions and witnessed the camaraderie between the members of the outfits.” 

Jordan was awarded scholarships by the Physics Department and the Corps of Cadets which made his dream to attend Texas A&M a reality, he said. 

Upon graduation in December 2021, Jordan plans to pursue a master’s degree in Astronomy/Astrophysics at Texas A&M or Arizona State University, and has also considered commissioning in the Air Force or Marines. We are confident in Jordan’s future success and wish him the best. Good luck and Gig ‘em, Jordan!