An Aggie Tradition Continues On For Freshman Cadets

Each year during the week leading up to the Southwest Classic, when you hear the clinking of bottle caps on concrete, you know it’s time for the Fightin’ Texas Aggies to beat the hell outta Arkansas. Members of the Corps of Cadets freshmen class are required to fashion “fish spurs,” a pair of spurs made out of painted bottle caps and wire. Each class’ spurs are unique in their own way.

“This year, ours are painted green,” said Madison Beall ‘22 of Company E-2. “Each one of our spurs contains 22 bottle caps to represent our class year,” Madison said. “And each outfit has a unique way of marking their own spurs.”

Madison gave examples of outfits such as Company I-1, who’s fish fashion the wiring of their spurs into an “I” and a “1.”  Madison also commented that Squadron 20’s fish are only to use Dos Equis bottle caps due to the XX design on these specific caps which they chose to let represent the roman numeral 20.

“…one of the greatest A&M traditions. Ever.”

The tradition of fish spurs is appreciated and anticipated by many members in the Corps, not just freshmen. Noble Quy ‘19, Public Relations officer for Company L-1, let out a chuckle when asked about fish spurs.

“Ahhh, fish spurs,” Noble laughed, “one of the greatest A&M traditions. Ever.” Noble goes on to explain that fish spurs are not only worn the week leading up to the Southwest Classic, but the week after as well IF the Aggies lose.  “It gives the fish some incentive to want to beat Arkansas,” Noble said. “And that’s some great bull.”

Many fish are slightly embarrassed by the clinking sound of the fish spurs.

“We do them as a buddy class, and it’s basically to build fish unity,” Madison said. “And, also, to embarrass us. Kind of,” she added with a grin. Fish spurs are a timeless tradition that embodies unity and spirit while creating a sense of nostalgia for graduating seniors.

“For us seniors, everything is reminiscent nowadays,” Noble said.  “We walk down the hallways in our actual spurs and seeing fish spurs definitely takes us back.” Noble continued, commenting on how he dreaded putting on his fish spurs in the mornings leading up to the Southwest Classic. “It wasn’t so bad, because I always knew that one day I would have real spurs.” Fish spurs represent the hard work which fish put in their first semester.  They exemplify the spirit of Aggieland and shine a light towards the end of the tunnel for freshmen in hopes of wearing their pair of senior boots and spurs in the years to come.

Cadet feet going up stairs with fish spurs attached