Jessica Scheibe ‘18

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Jessica Scheibe is a nursing major from Cypress, Texas.  She is the daughter of Michele and Gary Scheibe. Jessica serves as the executive and financial officer of company A-2. She is also a member of the O.R. Simpson Honor Society and Rudder Rangers.  Off the Quad, Jessica is involved in the undergraduate curriculum committee for the College [...]

Aaron Schneider ’17

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Aaron Schneider ’17 is a Construction Science major with a minor in Business from San Antonio, Texas. He is the son Lt. Col, USAF (Ret.) David Schneider ’78 and Marcia Schneider. Aaron has served in positions of increasing responsibility throughout his time in the Corps of Cadets.  As a sophomore he served as a team [...]

Melodie Ann Raese ’17

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Melodie Ann Raese ’17 is an Animal Science major from Murrieta, California.  She is the daughter of Jane and Joachim Raese.  She is a member of Company A-1 where she serves as a Platoon Leader and Scholastics Officer.  Melodie is also  serving as the Operations Officer for the sophomore class within the Army ROTC [...]

Katheryn Nolen ’17

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Katheryn Nolen ’17 from Kingwood, Texas, is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience. She is the daughter of Derek and Jackie Nolen. Katheryn is a senior on the 2nd Brigade Staff where she serves as the Inspector General and Discipline Officer. She is the Army ROTC program MS1 Commander, and also works with [...]

Jerry Dobbs ’17

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Jerry Dobbs ’17 from Dallas, Texas, is a Sports Management major with minors in Business Administration and Coaching. He is the son of Jerry Dobbs, Sr. and Darla Sterling. He is originally from Company F-2, and is currently the First Brigade Public Relations and Recruiting Officer. As a freshman, Jerry was a member of Rudder [...]

Megan Wright ’18

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Megan Wright ‘18 is a political science major with an international relations certificate from Katy, Texas. She is the daughter of Paul and Laurie Wright and currently serves as the 1st Brigade Sergeant Major. She was a member of Company F-1 her freshman and sophomore year. Megan is a member of O.R. Simpson Honor Society [...]

Marco Benitez ’16

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Marco Benitez '16 is an International Studies major with an emphasis in Economics and Arabic Studies from Miami, Florida. A first-generation American and Aggie, Marco is the son of Dr. Marco Benitez and Barbara Andre. He served as the 1st Regiment Training, Operations, and Logistics Officer for the 2015-2016 school year. Active within the Corps, [...]

Bailey Harris ’16

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Bailey Harris '16 is a Psychology major with a minor in Military Studies from Weimar, Texas. She is the daughter of Jason and Tracy Harris. Bailey was originally assigned to Company B-1, and served as the outfit’s recruiting corporal her sophomore year. During her junior year Bailey was a member of the Third Brigade Staff, [...]

Lee Dimaculangan ’17

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Lee Dimaculangan ’17, an Army ROTC Green to Gold Cadet, is a Leadership Studies major with a minor in History & Military Studies from Houston, Texas. He is the son of Dennis and Mercy Dimaculangan and the Delta Company Operations Officer and 2nd Regiment Scholastics Officer. Lee is on the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit [...]

Ethan Fritz ’15

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Ethan Fritz ’15 is a History Major from Verdon, Nebraska and is the son of Noala and the late Lyle Fritz. He is currently serving as the Training Officer for the Second Brigade for the 2014-2015 school year. Active within the Corps, Ethan is a member of the Ross Volunteers and served as a Fire [...]