As told by Adam Buckley, Corps Commander

Nathan Matos was a senior History Major from Hainesport, New Jersey and served as the Corps Logistics Officer. His parents are Edwin and Kathy Matos and he has a twin brother, Jordan. Family was important to Nathan, and he was overjoyed that Edwin, Kathy and Jordan were all able to be here on Family Weekend 2019, along with numerous other relatives and loved ones, to see Nathan receive his Aggie Ring and march at the front of the Pass In Review with Corps Staff.

For his freshman and sophomore years, Nathan was a member of Squadron 4 and was always proud to be an “Ace.” He would carry that title with lasting pride as his dedication to the Corps as a whole led him to pursue a position on Corps Staff. Serving as the Corps Logistics Sergeant during his junior year, Nathan was known as a hard worker that could be relied on for any task that was thrown at him. He developed a reputation as a professional in all that he did, and he carried that forward into the position of Corps Logistics Officer. This role entailed a myriad of duties, to include providing logistical support to all Corps Operations, supervising the Corps of Cadets Guardroom, communicating with Duncan Dining Hall Staff on behalf of the Corps, and coordinating Corps Staff events throughout the year. Those who led, followed, or worked with Nathan will always remember him as the person they could turn to when they needed something done that no one else was willing to take on.

No one spent more time working for the success of the Corps of Cadets than Nathan Matos. The relationships he developed on and off the Quad will ensure that his memory and legacy live on as a positive example for how to conduct oneself in a student leadership role. Many among his friends in the Corps and organizations like HOME chose to associate with Nathan because of his passion and genuine kindness. He never failed to make everyone around him feel valued and would take time out of his day to help anyone in need without hesitation or need for recognition.

More than anything, Nate Matos will be remembered as a loyal friend to all who had the privilege of knowing him. His good-hearted nature broke down barriers and forged deep relationships with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. He was the type of person that made you laugh and gave you confidence that someone would have your back when things got difficult. Nathan’s unwavering commitment to others above self left a lasting impact and will be held forever in the hearts of those who strive to be that same kind of Aggie.

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