Mr. Judson E. “Old Army Lou” Loupot ’32 majored in Agricultural Administration while at Texas A&M. He was a member of Company G Infantry. Due to his father’s death in 1929, he sold used textbooks and clothing out of his dorm room to pay for school. Due to university regulations, he was encouraged to move his “office” off campus. He and his buddies built a structure on Northgate called Loupot’s Trading Post, which eventually became Loupot’s Bookstore. “Old Army Lou” never forgot the lean years while in school, so he never turned away a student in need. He provided textbooks, meals, and even bailed them out of trouble. Loupot was known for his generosity and would tell students to pay him back when they got the money. Loupot’s bookstore was in business for over 75 years, and he employed hundreds of students carrying on the “Old Army Lou” spirit to the end.