Mia Birondo '20 (center) with family

Mia Birondo ‘20 is a Meteorology major from Grand Prairie, Texas. She is the daughter of Nigel and Josephine Birondo. Originally from Squadron 3, Mia now serves as the First Wing Commander and is a member of the Ross Volunteer Company. Previously, she has had the privilege of serving as the First Wing Sergeant Major and has been a member of Nichols’ Rising Leaders Conference (NRLC) planning staff. “I am learning something new every day and I am so grateful for these experiences during my college years,” said Mia.

After graduating in May of 2021, Mia will commission into the United States Air Force where she hopes to serve as a Weather Officer. Mia is an extraordinary cadet who has excelled during her time in the Corps, and we are very proud of her! We wish her nothing but great success in the future as an Air Force Officer! Good luck and Gig ‘em, Mia!