Logan Wolff ‘19 is a Construction Science major from Peoria, Illinois.  He is the son of Paula and Bob Wolff and currently serves as the Commanding Officer of Squadron 11.

Logan has been a member of Squadron 11 since his fish year.  He participated in Fish Drill Team and has served as Squadron 11’s Guidon, Team Leader, Scholastics Corporal, and a Corps Clerk his sophomore year. Logan was selected as the outfit first sergeant and to the Ross Volunteer Company, as well as the O.R. Simpson Honor Society his junior year.

Off the Quad, Logan is involved in the Mechanical and Electrical Subcontractors Association (MECA) and the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC).  Last summer, Logan interned for AutoBuilders, Inc. on a new BMW and Mercedes Benz dealerships project being built off of Highway 6 in College Station. Currently, Logan works with SpawGlass on the new Music Activities Center in quality control where he reads specifications for the job site.

Upon graduation, Logan hopes to work in the construction industry for two to three years while working towards a Master’s Degree in Construction Management.  He then hopes to attend Air Force Officer Candidate School and eventually work as a combat engineer as part of an Airborne RED HORSE (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer) Squadron.

Logan said the advice he tries to live by is, “Give yourself more than your fair share of the blame, and take less than your fair share of the credit.” Logan goes on to say that there is always something he can do better, and if he stops asking how to be better, than he has stopped growing as a leader.  We wish Logan the best of luck in the future and know that he will do us proud!

Logan Wolff '19