Ken Belden ’18 is an agricultural economics major from Austin, Texas.  He is the son of Brian and Danielle Belden and is currently representing the University as one of the Senior Yell Leaders.

As a member of Squadron 2, Ken has held many positions within his outfit. He previously served as public relations officer, athletics officer and platoon sergeant his junior year.

“Within the outfit, my goal has been to perpetuate a culture of family and grit. Stress the importance of showing up as often as possible, regardless of how busy you are,” Ken says. “Your legacy is not one that you create – only influence. It is the by-product of your actions and dedication which is formed by those who serve around and under you.”

Ken is a servant of Texas A&M University and always promotes the Aggie Spirit on and off the Quad.  Ken has been involved in Freshmen Leaders of Education and Human Development, Traditions Council — Bonfire Remembrance Committee and Fish Camp. On the Quad, he has been involved in the Nichols’ Rising Leadership Conference, the Duncan Advisory Board and the Ross Volunteer Company.  Ken also works two part time jobs, one at Buzbee LLC and the other at the Student Rec Center.

Upon graduation, Ken plans to pursue a career in Farm and Ranch Real Estate.  Additionally, he hopes to pour time and money back into small businesses around College Station which promote the Aggie Spirit and ensure that Aggieland remains the pinnacle of college tradition and values.

“Within Texas A&M, my goal has been to give people the same sense of the Aggie Family that I received upon coming to College Station,” Ken says.  “There is nothing quite like the Aggie Family and it has been my mission to ensure that this idea is understood by as many students as possible.”  Ken has been doused in Good Bull and continues to share the Aggie Spirit each and every day.  He is an outstanding cadet with a bright future, best wishes to Ken in all of his future endeavors.  I know he will continue to make us proud!

Image of Ken Belden