Haley Naumann ‘19 is a Chemistry major from Houston, Texas and is the daughter of Wesley and Ava Naumann. Haley is a member of Squadron 6 and is the IG officer for the outfit as well as the Vice Commander of the AFROTC Arnold Air Society.

Previously, Haley was a part of Squadron 12 before transferring to Squadron 6 to be the first sergeant. She has served as Scholastics Corporal, Fire Team Leader, and Operations/Logistics Corporal. Sophomore year, Haley was awarded Most Outstanding Sophomore in Squadron 12 because of her devotion and excellent work within the Corps of Cadets.

Haley plans to graduate in December of 2019 and will commission into the Air Force hopefully as an intelligence officer. Haley has obviously shown her dedication and commitment to the Corps of Cadets, and we know that she will continue to pave a successful path for her future. Good luck and Gig Em,’ Haley!