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“What’s it to ya, Snake?”

Established in 1959, Company F-2 is proud of its rich history and heritage in the Corps of Cadets. Today, we keep our age-old tradition of excellence going. This past year, we placed more times for the prestigious Corps-wide unit awards than any other outfit in the Corps. Company F-2 challenges its members to achieve academic excellence in any major field of study and superior physical fitness. Through shared experiences, Fighting Foxes also learn how to lead individuals and teams, posturing themselves well for success in any military or corporate environment. Company F-2 is seeking new cadets that crave a challenge, an environment of camaraderie, and a desire to learn valuable skills that will enable them to conquer the tough challenges of the future. For more details on what it’s like to be a Fighting Fox, visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CompanyF2

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