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Company E-1, also known as the Athletic Company, has been breeding well educated leaders of character since 1975. A Jock is an individual of the highest moral character who strives for the utmost excellence in academics, military proficiency, physical fitness, university involvement, community service, and athletics. We take the competitive nature and determined drive and focus so commonly found on the playing field and channel that into manifesting a challenging and demanding environment for personal growth and development. Housing a variety of majors that include, but are not limited to STEM, business, liberal arts, and agriculture you will find a multiplicity of resources to encourage, aid, and assist your academic success and ensure that you are the best student that you can be. As well as that, our leadership successes can be seen University wide with extensive involvement in corps and Army special units such as the Ross Volunteers, Parsons Mounted Cavalry, Rudders Rangers, Ranger Challenge, Corps Marksmanship Unit, Yell Leaders, and Corps Athletic Teams; not to mention a multitude of non-corps social, leadership, and service organizations. Alongside all of that, we also strive to foster a sense of family and community through our competitive involvement in intramural athletics competing against other outfits in the Corps. If you are a highly motivated individual looking to challenge yourself physically, mentally, and develop yourself as a successful leader of character then Company E-1 is the place for you.

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