Congratulations to the outfits who received the Major Flag Awards this year! These outfits distinguished themselves throughout the year. The Major Flag Awards recognizes the outstanding achievements of our cadets and our outfits throughout the 2020-2021 year.

Outstanding Corps Color Guard Award

2nd Regiment Color Guard

Outstanding Major Unit Staff Award

Combined Band Staff

The Commandant’s Flag
1st Place Company F-2
2nd Place C Company
3rd Place Company E-2

The Robert M. Gates Public Service Award
1st Place Squadron 17
2nd Place Squadron 6
3rd Place Company F-1

The J.J. Sanchez Recruiting and Retention Award
1st Place Squadron 3
2nd Place Company D-1
3rd Place Company B-1

The George P.F. Jouine Award
1st Place Squadron 3
2nd Place Company D-1
3rd Place TIE: B Company & Squadron 20

The Bruno A. Hochmuth Award
1st Place B Company
2nd Place Company S-1
3rd Place Company K-2

The Taylor A. Gillespie Most Improved Outfit Award
1st Place Company H-1
2nd Place Company K-1
3rd Place Company D-1

The President’s Flag

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

The General George F. Moore Outstanding Unit Award
1st Place B Company
2nd Place Squadron 3
3rd Place TIE: B Battery & C Battery


In recognition of the accomplishments of cadets who have excelled throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the Corps of Cadets rewards outstanding cadets for their commitment to excellence and dedication to the core values of Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets. Congratulations to all of the cadets who are the recipients of individual awards for the 2020-2021 school year!

Corps Commander Recognition Award

Tanner Cedrone (Corps Staff)

Deputy Corps Commander – Recognition Award

Andrew Christjoy (Corps Staff)

Corps Chief of Staff Recognition Award

Andrew Jansen (Corps Staff)

Mascot Corporal Recognition Award

Batie Bishop (E-2)

Corps Color Guard Commander Saber

Paul Biancardi (G-1)

The Lulie Hughey Lane Scholarship

Quentin Watson (SQ-5)

The Glasscock Liberal Arts Award

James Rhodes (SQ-4)

Department of the Army Superior Cadet Awards

Senior–Noah Daily (D-1)

Junior–Ryan Hane (I-1)

Sophomore–Virginia Condry (D-1)

Freshman–Scott Avery (I-1)

The Ensign Mike Beach Memorial Scholarship

Brandon Parrish (SQ-4)

Air Force Association Award

Andrew Bainbridge (2WNG Staff)

MacArthur Award

Aaron Smith (Army ROTC)

Outstanding Corps Staff Officer Award

Gracie Davis (Corps Staff)

Outstanding Major Unit Commander Award

Michael Whittaker (2WNG Staff)

Outstanding Outfit Commander Award

Hannah Sullivan (SQ-8)

Outstanding Executive Officer Award

Emily Neeley (2BDE Staff)

Outstanding First Sergeant Award

Anderson Tittle (A-1)

Outstanding Sophomore Awards

Best Drilled–Cameron Paladino (B Co)

Most Outstanding–Grayson Winchester (K-2)

Outstanding Freshmen Awards

Best Drilled–Andrew Whitney (G-2)

Most Outstanding–Anthony Delgado (SQ-16)

Outstanding Scholastics Officer & Outstanding Scholastics Sergeant

Officer–Kaelyn Boe (3WNG Staff)

Sergeant–Nicholas Heinrich-Barna (1REG Staff)

Outstanding Drill and Ceremony Cadets

Overall in Corps

Senior–Noah Major (C-2)

Junior–Lydia Prislovsky (3WNG Staff)

Reserve Officers Association Award


Senior–Keilin Omara (3BDE Staff)

Junior–Jonathan Ilori (A-2)

Sophomore–Simrun Head (A-2)


Senior–Paul Lauckner (SQ-4)

Junior–Taylor Neymeyer (K-2)

Sophomore–Lauren Langenberg (N-1)

Air Force

Senior–Kaelyn Boe (2WNG Staff)

Junior–Lorraine King (A-1)

Sophomore–Ryan Dahl (SQ-1)

Daughters of the American Revolution Medal

La Villita Chapter

Army–Samantha Mayo (F-2)

Marine Corps–Joseph Rivas (C-2)

William Scott Chapter

Navy–Jose Cruz (SQ-23)

Air Force–Sarah Andruss (3WNG Staff)

Veterans of Foreign Wars ROTC Medal


Senior–Aaron Smith (5th Year)

Junior–Michael Grantham (I-1)

Sophomore–Ethan Contreras (B-2)


Senior–Brian Nicpon (C-2)

Junior–Corinna Edgar (G-2)

Sophomore–Alexandra Vasknetz (S-2)

Air Force

Senior–Sergio Rios (SQ-12)

Junior–Michael Kuenzli (SQ-23)

Sophomore–Daniel Proudman (SQ-12)

American Legion Award for Military Excellence


Senior–Kyle Wright (E-1)

Junior–Jacob Mitchell (B-2)


Senior–Michael Mabry (SQ-4)

Junior–Erin Keohane (S-2)

Air Force

Senior–Michael Whittaker (2WNG Staff)

Junior–Mark Hill (3WNG Staff)

American Legion Award for Academic Excellence


Senior–Ryan Merz (D-1)

Junior–Bryce Reed (Corps Staff )


Senior–Stephen Orciuoli (K-2)

Junior–Anna Starr (G-2)

Air Force

Senior–Dawson Friesenhahn (SQ-16)

Junior–Michael Garner (1BDE Staff)

National Sojourners Award

Army–Tabitha Pravinkumar (B-1)

Marine Corps–Taylor Neymeyer (K-2)

Navy–Reece Wilshire (G-1)

Air Force–Katelyn Gartrell (SQ-1)

Military Officers’ Association of America Award

Army–Asa Muthig (D-1)

Marine Corps–Autumn Finney (SQ-4)

Navy–Victor Halmy (3REG Staff)

Air Force–Zackary Smith (SQ-21)

Independence Chapter, Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Award

Army–Davis Young (B-2)

Marine Corps–Charles Waters (K-2)

Navy–Ryan Tristan (P-2)

Air Force–Brayden Rosello (SQ-20)

Alan F. Aertker ’74 Memorial Award 

Marty Foster (SQ-17)

Dennis Mason ’75 Memorial Award 

Nathan Boles (SQ-8)

Bryan Allan McClain Bonfire Memorial Scholarship 

Timothy Gorman (SQ-2)

Michael Parrella (SQ-2)

Lieutenant William L. Kirk ’79 Memorial Scholarship 

Allen Constantino (C-2)

Roger H. Gray Memorial Fund 

Rebecca Collins (SQ-5)

Ken Donnelly Fish Drill Team Award 

Emiliano Sanchez (F-1)

E.G. “Rod” Pittman ’56 Memorial Scholarship 

Garrett Short (D-1)

Reveille VI Endowed Scholarship 

Matthew Ramirez (E-2)

Ross Volunteer Kaspar Award 

Grant Kirby (1WNG)

Bum Bright Harrison Family Endowed Award 

Ty Sanders (E-1)

Dudley Evans Baker Scholarship Fund 

Theron McAdoo (SQ-17)

Andrew Bainbridge (2WNG)

Michael Kuenzli (SQ-23)

Logan Fitzgerald (1REG)

Squadron 21 Lutkemiller Boot Award 

Chase Garza (SQ-21)

Infantry Band ’75 Boot Award 

Andrew Borseth (A Co)

Cameron Paladino (B Co)

Braden Alexander (C Co)

The Bruce Dean Goodrich Award 

Charlie T. Slaughter (Corps Staff)

Zachary L. Davis Award 

Nathan Boles (SQ-8)

Hellcat 9 ’68 Boots and Saber Award

William Whitaker (E-1)

Wofford Cain Boot and Saber Award 

Arthur Waltzman (B-2)

Brandon Sherwood (E-1)

Amira Lambertis (A-2)

Anthony Berlinghoff (SQ-4)

Warren Herrington (G-2)

William Malloy (S-2)

Grant Kirby (1WNG Staff)

Paul Birmingham (SQ-6)

Ryan O’Malley (SQ-3)

Emory Cook (E-1)

Seth Hall (SQ-12)

Lydia Prislovsky (3WNG Staff)

LTC James Wyatt Boots & Saber Award 

Brodie Freijy (SQ-8)

Dallas A&M Club Senior Boots Award

Ines Meyer (A-1)

Dylan Desosa (SQ-8)

The Kelly Castleberry Memorial Award 

Alexander Holden (K-2)

President’s Medal 

Connor Fortier (Corps Staff)

The Colonel Woodall Saber Award (for rising Deputy Corps Commander)

Andrew Bainbridge (2WNG Staff)

First Command Saber (for rising Chief of Staff) 

Anthony Roman (Corps Staff)

Military Order of the World Wars Award


Junior–Nathan Villemain (D-2)

Sophomore–Trevin Hernandez (F-2)

Freshman–Veronika Jordan (I-1)

Marine Corps

Junior–Wayne Staub (C-2)

Sophomore–Zachary Cross (H-1)

Freshman–Luke Lindsey (S-2)


Junior–Anthony Roman (Corps Staff)

Sophomore–Sarah Beason (S-1)

Freshman–Joshua Palinkas (P-2)

Air Force

Junior–Hayden Turner (SQ-21)

Sophomore–Nathan Boles (SQ-8)

Freshman–Genevieve Pace (SQ-21)

The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States Award

Army–Eric Vaughn Matthews (B-1)

Navy/Marine Corps–Jason Boudreau (G-1)

Air Force–Calvin Kearney (SQ-23)

Outstanding Academic Cadets

Senior–Micah Stark (K-1)

Junior–Leonard Vargo (B Batt)

Sophomore–Emily Orr (CB Staff)

Freshman–Caden Mahlen (B Co)

Olin E. Teague Soldier Statesman Award

Army–William Moore (B-1)

Marine Corps–Jackson Smitherman (N-1)

Navy–Andrew Jansen (Corps Staff)

Air Force–Charlie Vyskocil (1WNG Staff)

Society of American Military Engineers Award

Army–Jungyong Kim (Army ROTC)

Navy/Marine Corps–Sierra German (SQ-4)

Air Force–Oscar Ibanez (SQ-12)

The Association of Former Students ROTC Cadre Award

Army ROTC–CPT Richard A. Harpham ’10, USA

Navy/Marine Corps ROTC–LT Maximillian J. Leutermann ’12, USN

Air Force ROTC–SSgt Tavaris Askew, USAF

Col Glenn Starnes ’81 Memorial Award

Joseph Rivas (C-2)

Office of the Commandant Outstanding Cadet Training Officer Award

Lt Col Dale Norris, USAF (Ret)