Meet our “Selfless Service” Cadet: Corbin Neumann

“The Corps is often described as a leadership lab, we are supposed to produce leaders of character… I think what it does effectively, is set the conditions and lay before you the opportunity, it leads you to the water,and whether or not you drink the water, whether or not you capitalize on that opportunity, take the directions of someone who is trying to direct you… it is all up to you,” said Corbin Neumann ’19.

Corbin is the Commanding Officer of Company A-1, the oldest outfit in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.  He is an economics major from Dallas, Texas, and is currently on a Fuller Scholarship. He has previously served as a Squad Leader and Chaplain for Company A-1. In his opinion, Corbin believes his roles as C.O. and Chaplain have developed his character the most and molded him to exude selfless service.

Being a member of the Corps has made Corbin realize he is without a doubt, headed down the right path.  “Just knowing that the Corps of Cadets is at the core of the University, that we are the keepers of the traditions, makes me very proud to be in that place which has led to the great amount of pride that I have.”

Although Corbin is enrolled as Army ROTC now, he hasn’t always been.  Coming into the Corps, he was certain he would graduate from Texas A&M and continue to law school.  His father was an active member of the military, but Corbin had made up his mind that a military career was not for him.

“When it came to junior year, it was the first time I ever sat in on and was ever able to be involved in Freshman Orientation Week and I was Chaplain at that time. I was very busy that week counseling and consoling and being emotionally there for a lot of the fish that were struggling in a way that I had never seen before. I didn’t know if this was just something that I had missed on in years past, but this class, in particular was struggling in this way. The opportunity to be there with them, I think ignited something in me that showed me that my former dedications and purpose of where I thought I was supposed to be going with my life were wrong.”

Corbin continued, “What I wanted to do previously was go to law school, make a lot of money, have the big life. It was after this experience that I realized my original goals simply were not going to be fulfilling for me. It made me realize I needed to rededicate my life in some way to selfless service and that was the only thing at that point in time that made any sense to me. The logical end in mind was saying ‘Well if I am going to live selflessly, then what I need to do is be dedicating myself to others, and how can I do that. One of the best ways to do that in this country, is to serve your country’ which is why I have decided to join the Army.”

With a new set of goals in motion, Corbin has chosen to pursue a career as a combat engineer.  His whole-hearted intention is to be there to serve his country in whatever capacity he is needed.

“To me, it is not about reaching a rank…that is not what it is all about,” Corbin said. It is about fulfilling your purpose and doing what you desire with the end in mind. It’s about providing service to others and protecting them and being there for them.  If it takes my life, so be it—but it is in protecting those people, and that is what it is all about.”