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Corps Global Leadership Initiatives

Building Leadership Skills, Expanding Your Education, & Preparing You For Your Career

The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives (CGLI) program is designed to build the next generation of leadership skills for the US military, government, and business. The program focuses on developing a context of international awareness, regional expertise, and language competence among the cadets at Texas A&M University. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program is a partnership between the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, the Department of International Studies, and the Study Abroad Programs Office.

Did You Know?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Global/Intercultural Fluency is a necessary competency of career readiness.  CGLI is another way the Corps of Cadets helps prepare Aggies for whatever career they pursue.

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Meredith Simpson
Assistant Commandant
(979) 862-3337

International Experiences

The world is rapidly changing, presenting new challenges to the US military, government, and businesses. Cultural, financial, political, and military trends have shifted to parts of the world that call upon us to develop new skills, new forms of expertise, and a willingness to understand parts of the world that are not familiar to many Americans. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program at Texas A&M is designed to create experiences for cadets that will help to develop a critical awareness of the implications of these changes and spur new strategic thinking.

Regional Expertise

Non-Western nations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as well as Central and South America now play a more substantial role in global security and finance than they have in the past and present challenges to traditional thinking. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program helps to develop exposure to these regions, the demographic, geopolitical, and military trends, to create opportunities for cadets to develop expertise in these little-understood regions, and to prepare cadets for leadership in those regions.

Language Competence

The key to effective leadership is the ability to communicate effectively within a variety of contexts. Language skills create the foundation upon which all cross-cultural leadership is based. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program at Texas A&M University is designed to develop skills in the critical languages of Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese, and on-campus courses and study abroad programs support these goals.

Corps International Excursions
Map of Excursion Locations

Corps of Cadets International Excursions are short-term study abroad programs offered up to 3 times per year. On each trip, 26 cadets receive an intense international experience while gaining insight into the cultures, languages, and geopolitical issues of key nations. The Excursions provide opportunities for cadets to interact with their peers from other host nations, and gain understanding of the important geopolitical issues facing those nations. Cadets are selected for participation on the basis of academic and extracurricular merit. Recent excursions include travel to Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, China, Korea, India, Chile, Singapore, Indonesia, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, and Poland.

The Project Global Officers (Project GO) scholarship program is an initiative of the US Department of Defense that is aimed at improving strategic language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Project GO programs focus exclusively on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa to provide ROTC students with international skills for effective leadership.

Scholarship Details

Full funding is offered for study abroad programs focused on intensive language study in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Russian and can be for summer, spring, or fall language immersion study.

Scholarship funds cover the cost of:

  • Transportation to and from the study abroad location
  • Accommodations
  • Field trips and excursions included in the academic program
  • International health insurance
  • Visa application fee
  • Program tuition and fees
  • Any required textbooks

Additional Information

Critical Languages at Texas A&M

Critical Language” is a designation used by the US Government to describe languages that are not often studied by US citizens, but are greatly needed for diplomatic and national defense purposes. Generally, they are the languages of people in strategic areas-places where the US needs diplomatic, political, or commercial information.

Texas A&M University has some of the best critical language study abroad programs in Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. TAMU faculty-led programs offer language classes opening up critical language study and cultural immersion to cadets who have no prior language experience. These programs also qualify for ROTC students who are eligible for Project GO scholarships. Application deadlines for TAMU faculty-led study abroad programs vary. Students should anticipate deadlines as early as January 1, 2015. For more information on individual programs, please follow the Study Abroad Program link below. Information about additional study language programs is available at the Study Abroad Programs Office on the first floor of Bizzell Hall West. Please ask for Jordan Land for more information regarding study abroad programs.

Visit the Study Abroad Office Website

Study Abroad Student Looks Up

Why Study Critical Languages?

While English has become the language of international business, science, politics, and the Internet, it is not the language in which most of the world thinks. Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa, Farsi, and others are critical to our country, and the countries that speak these languages are enormously different from the United States. Therefore, it is especially important that people in [...]

Photos from Corps International Excursions

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