Jordan Anderson ‘18

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Jordan Anderson ‘18 is a Geographical Information Science and Technology major with a minor in Military Sciences. He is the son of Steve and Julie Anderson and calls Fredericksburg, Texas home. Jordan served as a Fire Team Leader, Training Corporal, and Squad Leader for his home outfit, Company F-1 (the Finest First).  During his junior year [...]

Stuart Lee Seelman ‘17

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Stuart Lee Seelman ‘17 is an International Studies major with minors in Religious and Arabic Studies from Dallas, Texas.  He is the son of Paul and Kathy Seelman. Stuart is a distinguished student and Ross Volunteer.  During his sophomore year he was a Company F-1 Fire Team Leader, Scholastics Corporal, and Public Relations Corporal. His [...]

Megan Wright ’18

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Megan Wright ‘18 is a political science major with an international relations certificate from Katy, Texas. She is the daughter of Paul and Laurie Wright and currently serves as the 1st Brigade Sergeant Major. She was a member of Company F-1 her freshman and sophomore year. Megan is a member of O.R. Simpson Honor Society [...]

Ninfa Salinas ’15

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Ninfa Salinas ’15 is a Horticulture Major with a Professional Event Management Certification from San Antonio, Texas and is the daughter of Ninfa and David Salinas. She is currently serving as the 2nd Regiment Recruiting Officer for the 2014-2015 school year. Active within the Corps, Ninfa has served as the 2nd Regiment Recruiting Sergeant and [...]

Antonio Ray Alaniz ’15

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Antonio Ray Alaniz ’15 is a Sport Management Major from Grand Prairie, Texas and is the son of Tina Trapp. He is a member of Company F-1 and currently serving on 3rd Regiment Staff as the Recruiting and Retention Officer for the 2014-2015 school year. Active within the Corps, Antonio started in the Corps of [...]

He “Chris” Cai ’14

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He "Chris" Cai ’14 is a Food Science and Technology major from Nanjing, China. She came to the United States three years ago and is the daughter of Zhengjian Cai and Chaojing Wang. Chris serves as the Scholastic Officer in Company C-1, and the Executive Officer of the General O.R. Simpson Corps Honor Society for [...]

Kathleen Crocket ’14

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Kathleen Crocket ’14 is a History major with a minor in Military Studies with a focus on American Sign Language from Frederick, Maryland and is the daughter of Nan and Dennis Crockett. Kathleen will serve as Chaplain and Judge Advocate General (JAG) and Inspector General (IG) for Company F-1 for the 2013 – 2014 year. [...]