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Leadership Training Program

The Corps of Cadets leadership training program develops well-educated leaders of character who are prepared for the global leadership challenges of the future.

Why The Corps?

The Corps is the largest, oldest and most visible student organization and leadership training program at Texas A&M.  It is also one of the largest uniformed bodies of students in the nation.

The Corps of Cadets is Texas A&M’s premiere leadership training program and delivers the ultimate Aggie Experience.  It starts with a world-class university with over 140 years of tradition and builds on that foundation, guiding cadets in developing their leadership abilities while enjoying the benefits of being at one of the nation’s premiere universities.

A majority of our leadership training graduates pursue a career in the public or private sector; however, the Corps of Cadets consistently commissions more officers than any institution other than the service academies.  An average of 40-45% of our cadets pursue a military commission in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

More Reasons
Member of the Ross Volunteer Company
Member of the Ross Volunteer Company

By The Numbers

Cadets have a GPA of 4.0. 1,360 have above a 3.0.
Cadets have participated in International Excursions
Graduating cadets receive Military Commissions
Scholarships available ONLY to members of the Corps.

What’s the best way to learn about the Corps?

There’s no better way learn about Texas A&M’s premiere leadership training program than to experience it firsthand. Check out our programs that put you in contact with members of the Corps and give you a firsthand look at the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets.

Cadet Marching at Sunset
Cadet Marching at Sunset

How Can I Join?

The ONLY pre-requisite to joining this leadership training program is to be accepted to Texas A&M University.  The majority of incoming cadets are freshman, however, the Corps is open to all students of Texas A&M.
Texas A&M Logo - The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is Texas A&M's premiere leadership training program.


Students wishing to enter the Corps of Cadets must first submit an application to be accepted by Texas A&M University.  Additional information about the admissions process, deadlines, and requirements can be found on the Texas A&M admissions website.


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