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Greetings from Aggieland! The 2019-2020 school year proved to be a successful year for the Corps of Cadets, filled with many highlights and accomplishments, despite the impact of COVID-19 in the spring semester. We are very proud of our cadets and the way they represented our Corps and our university throughout the school year. The cadets reinforce every year that we are achieving the mission of the Corps of Cadets by continuing to “develop well-educated leaders of character who are prepared for the global leadership challenges of the future.”

Keeping Former Students and the Aggie Network up to date about the accomplishments of our Corps is very important to me. We want to share with you how the Corps of Cadets continues to make a big difference in the lives of the young men and women who will become the future leaders of our communities, our state, and our nation. We hope you enjoy the following recap of the 2019 – 2020 school year for the Corps of Cadets. I think you’ll see that our Corps continues to be an organization of which you can be proud. Our credentials—our cadets—are making a big difference for Texas A&M, the state of Texas, our great nation, and the world!

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Our cadets continue to excel academically and prove that students at Texas A&M can achieve academic excellence while being members of the Corps of Cadets. The Corps of Cadets posted a fall 2019 term overall GPA of 3.11! Over half of the cadets (65%) posted a GPA of 3.0 or better, and 192 cadets posted a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Despite the impact that COVID-19 had on the entire university in the spring semester, that did not derail the academic success within the Corps of Cadets. All students at Texas A&M transitioned to online classes only after Spring Break due to COVID-19 – a major change to the

academic experience of our cadets. Despite the change to online classes mid-way through the semester, and the fact that Texas A&M adopted a policy that allowed students at Texas A&M the option to choose course grades of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory in lieu of traditional letter grades, our cadets continued to excel academically. The Corps posted a 3.56 term GPA in the spring semester. 41% of cadets kept all hours graded and posted above a 3.0. 13% of cadets kept all hours graded and posted a 4.0. Completed hours per cadet were higher than Fall 2019 and on par with previous spring semesters. The class of 2020 is the 6th consecutive class to graduate with a term and cumulative GPA above a 3.0, and they completed their time in the Corps with a 3.20 cumulative GPA – the highest class cumulative GPA on record for the Corps of Cadets!

Our cadets continued to place academics as their number one priority again this school year, which resulted in a very successful year for our Corps. Once again our efforts toward academic excellence as a priority are producing excellent outcomes. This year, we increased academic support efforts sponsored by the Office of the Commandant and worked closely with the colleges to help our cadets succeed academically. Our first year seminar course, School of Military Science, (SOMS) 111, was recognized as a university approved First Year Experience course. Additionally, we worked to include some of our SOMS and ROTC courses in the university-level Leadership minor. The Corps of Cadets now enjoys a reputation of academic excellence among the faculty and administration – something that is critical to the overall success of our Corps at Texas A&M.  Congratulations to our cadets for the outstanding academic success they achieved this school year! We are proud of all of them!

Corps Strength

This year the Corps of Cadets started the school year with a strength of 2,315 cadets. We are proud of this group of cadets and look forward to continued growth in the future.
Here are some Corps strength “snapshots” from this past year:
  • 776 cadets joined the Corps last year
  • Corps strength on the first day of school was 2,315 cadets
  • 400 female cadets – (17% of the total Corps) started the school year as members of the Corps
  • 23% of the cadets were from out of state
We continue to place a focused effort on recruiting high-quality young men and women to join the Corps of Cadets. Our goal is to continue to “grow the Corps” and ensure we maintain the high standards of excellence for which our Corps of Cadets is known!


The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets still continues to produce more military officers for our country than any other school in the country outside of the three service academies.  This academic year, we commissioned a total of 216 Aggie officers – an indication of the confidence the Department of Defense has in our Corps to produce some of our country’s finest military officers. This May alone we commissioned 128 cadets into the Armed Forces.  I am extremely proud of our young Aggie officers who have chosen to serve our country in the military during a time of war.  We should all be proud of the tradition of service to our great nation that our cadets continue to display – a tradition that spans over 144 years.

Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership

The Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership (HCEL) continued to expand its programs and influence, becoming an increasingly valued resource for all cadets, staff, and others across the campus. The 2019-2020 academic year marked the first full year of implementation of the comprehensive 4-year Corps Leadership Development Model, which codified specific growth expectations for cadets across all four years of the Corps experience. HCEL staff conducted extensive training and coaching to cadet leaders on how to align their efforts with the model.

Academically, HCEL staff and their team of 20 adjunct instructors taught over 1,400 enrolled students across 5 distinct leadership courses.  For the first time in the Center’s history, the new SOMS 281 course was delivered in the spring for sophomore cadets to discuss the fundamentals of intentional, authentic leadership.  Junior cadet courses focused on leadership strengths, constraints, and values-based leadership – culminating in students creating their own Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP). Senior cadets examined the ethical demands of organizational leadership and personal decision-making. Additionally, all of these HCEL courses were approved and accepted earlier this year as part of the new university-wide interdisciplinary minor in Leadership for students pursuing that degree credential.

At the conclusion of the spring 2020 semester, 148 cadets earned the Hollingsworth Certificate in Applied Ethical Leadership, a credential that recognizes their leadership development efforts in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. Additionally, certificate recipients completed capstone exit interviews with mentors to help connect lessons learned to anticipated future challenges.

The Center hosted the 5th annual Intentional Leadership Conference in March, and over 250 participants attended 3 plenary sessions, 9 breakout sessions, and 3 former cadet panel sessions. The keynote speaker for the ILC banquet was Mr. Preston Abbott `84, the 1983-1984 Corps Commander and the endower of the Memorial Student Center’s Abbott Family Leadership Conference.  The conference’s featured speakers included a diverse group of inspiring and motivational leaders, including Mr. Don Knauss, retired Chairman and CEO of the Clorox Company.

Over 900 cadets attended HCEL Career Readiness “R U Ready?” sessions, designed to prepare them for successful entry into the public and private sector workforce. Companies/organizations that participated in the “R U Ready?” sessions included CACI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CIA, DIA, FBI, BP, USAA, Fluor, Facebook, Texas State Guard, and HEB, among many others. These events provided information to cadets about internship and job opportunities and increased their knowledge of the importance and practical application of the eight career readiness competencies. Over 100 cadets also toured NASA in Houston and the Lockheed Martin F-35 facility in Fort Worth during “Career Exploration” visits.  In addition, over 900 cadets attended the Career Readiness Speaker Series including presentations by former astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander Pam Melroy, former NASA Mission Director Eugene Kranz, and US Representative Dan Crenshaw.

HCEL continued to grow its Cyber Security program as interested cadets gained experience in this critical emerging field of study. Cadets entering Cyber Security career fields and members of the Corps of Cadets Cyber Operations Special Unit trained to compete in the National Security Agency’s Cyber Exercise (NCX) in April at the Maritime Conference Center in Maryland, but unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

In October, HCEL Director, Dr. Dave Keller, was invited to speak at the National Forum on Character Education in Washington D.C., where he highlighted the Hollingsworth Center’s programs and efforts to develop leaders of character prepared for the global leadership challenges of the future. During that conference, the Hollingsworth Center was recognized for earning a “Promising Practice in Character Education” award for their moral development efforts.

You can read more about the impact of the Hollingsworth Center here. For more information on the Hollingsworth Center, please contact the HCEL office at 979-458-0436 or

ROTC Programs

Our Army, Air Force, and Navy/Marine ROTC programs work hard year-round to guarantee that those cadets seeking a commission receive the best training possible for their path to commission. This year, our outstanding ROTC Programs achieved some significant honors and accomplishments:


  • Army ROTC is on pace to commission 107 Second Lieutenants this year with 25 cadets earning honors as Distinguished Military Graduates.
  • 93.5% of cadets set to commission received one of their top three Military Specialties of choice.
  • Due to COVID-19, Army Summer Training was cancelled this year. However, Army cadets and cadre will participate in two-field training Exercises (FTX) this fall in order to evaluate and assess each cadet’s leadership and basic soldier skills capabilities. We anticipate over 100 cadets will attend these exercises that will allow our cadre to assess their abilities and focus on maintaining strengths and improving weaknesses.
  • Eight cadets will attend Basic Camp, hosted by the Military Junior Colleges (MJC) to certify them for continued progression as a Senior ROTC cadet. Additionally, six Texas A&M cadre will support this operation, certifying cadets from across the nation.
  • The Texas A&M Army ROTC Marksmanship Training Unit (MTU) competed in the 2020 Army Small Arms Championships at Fort Benning, Georgia, March, 8-14 2020. The MTU earned honors as the 2020 Cadet Championship Team for first-place finishes in Combat Rifle and Pistol, National Match Rifle and Pistol, and the Multi-Gun Championships. The MTU competed against five other colleges, impressively placing second place overall against active duty teams from across the Army.
  • The Texas A&M Army ROTC Ranger Challenge Team placed overall third out of 18 teams in 1st Brigade’s Ranger Challenge competition at Fort Knox, KY.
  • The Army ROTC program’s commitment to academic excellence remains steadfast with the Corps. The program posted a 3.312 GPA for the Fall 2019 semester and a 3.308 GPA for the Spring 2020 semester, significantly ahead of the national average.

Air Force and U.S. Space Force

  • 66 cadets were commissioned since last August with five earning Air Force ROTC Distinguished Graduate honors.
  • 4 of 9 eligible commissionees opted to be considered for a transfer into the newly formed U.S. Space Force (USSF).
  • 94 cadets were selected to attend Air Force Field Training, a major milestone to becoming an Air Force or Space Force Officer.
  • Texas A&M’s Air Force Detachment 805 commissioned the first ever cadet into the Air Force as a Nurse; three additional cadets have been accepted into the Texas A&M Nursing Program.
  • 1 Air Force ROTC cadet was selected for the USSF Summer Program and 1 cadet was selected for an internship with the National Security Agency (NSA).
  • 33 cadets were selected for Rated positions—22 Pilots, 6 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilots, 2 Combat Systems Officers and 3 Air Battle Managers.
  • 2nd Lieutenants Vasant Kurvari and Jae Sang Park (May 2020 commissionees from Texas A&M) were selected for a summer internship with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. They were 2 of only 26 selected from across the nation.
  • The May 2020 Air Force commissioning ceremony was conducted virtually due to COVID-19. The Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Stephen W. Wilson ’81, served as the keynote speaker and administered the oath of office to 40 new U.S. Air Force officers.
  • Air Force ROTC Scholarship students posted a Fall 2019 GPA of 3.215 and a Spring 2020 GPA of  3.751.


  • Navy ROTC (NROTC) commissioned 32 Officers in fiscal year 2020: 18 Navy Ensigns and 14 USMC Second Lieutenants
    • Navy: Surface Warfare – 5; Submarines – 7; Pilot – 5; Naval Flight Officer – 1
    • Marine Corps: Aviation – 4 and Ground – 10
  • Navy ROTC Summer Trainings have been cancelled in order to support the reduction in COVID-19 spread throughout the fleet.
  • Two mandatory Summer Trainings have remained in operation:
    • EOD/SEAL Training – 2 Navy option seniors will be assessed for suitability as Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) or SEAL officers during a two-week-long training regimen.
    • Marine Officer Candidate School: 15 Marine option juniors and seniors will attend Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia.
  • Navy ROTC had 5 students selected for the Department of Defense sponsored study abroad program, Project Global Officer (Project GO), for Summer 2020. However, this summer’s iteration of the program was canceled due to COVID-19.
  • Navy ROTC Scholarship students posted a Fall 2019 GPA of 3.28 and a Spring 2020 GPA 3.33.

Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program

The Corps International Exchange program continues to experience great success. Three Lieutenants from the German Armed Forces studied at Texas A&M as members of the Corps of Cadets during the fall semester, while one of our cadets studied at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) in Hamburg, Germany. As part of our exchange agreement with the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra, Australia, six Australian cadets studied at Texas A&M as members of the Corps of Cadets in the fall of 2019. The Corps also hosted a Royal Air Force cadet from Swansea University in Wales during the fall semester. We hope to expand this partnership and establish a permanent exchange with Swansea University in the future.

In February 2020, the Corps of Cadets once again hosted 45 Republic of Korea (ROK) ROTC cadets for a four-week leadership program. This is the fifth year in a row that this program has taken place at Texas A&M University between the ROK ROTC and the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. The Korean cadets stayed in the Corps dorms, ate in Duncan Dining Center, attended classes with our cadets, conducted training with our cadets, and attended numerous events on campus to learn more about the Aggie experience. This exchange has proven to be a great opportunity for our cadets to receive international exposure right here on the Quad and learn more about our strategic partners from the Republic of Korea.

We once again sponsored a group of 12 cadets to go on a 6-day excursion to our nation’s capital over Spring Break.  The cadets examined the four elements of our national power (Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics) during their visit, while also seeing first hand many aspects of how our government operates. The cadets were also able to meet and interact with many Aggie congressional leaders, and were also hosted for an evening social by the local A&M Club, allowing our cadets to meet and interact with many local Aggies who live and work in Washington, DC. The cadets truly enjoyed Washington, DC and especially enjoyed their time with Aggies who live and work in the capital area.

COVID-19 drastically impacted our ability to send students abroad this year through our Corps International Excursion program. We had planned three excursions to England/France, Japan/Okinawa and Spain in May 2020, but had to cancel these trips due to safety concerns and travel restrictions with COVID-19. However, we hope to conduct our excursions again next May, and look forward to providing more opportunities for our cadets to learn about the strategic importance of other countries through the lens of the Four Elements of National Power, helping to develop them into global leaders.

Our Corps Global Initiatives Program has grown over the past three years, and we hope to continue to expand on that success in the future. Of the many students from Texas A&M that travel and study abroad as part of their education, the Corps of Cadets now sends over 15% of cadets abroad – a fact we are very proud of and hope to increase in the future. We are proud of our Global Initiatives Program and the opportunities it offers our cadets! To learn more about ways you can support, contact Rori Brownlow, Development Business Operations Manager, at 979-458-0326 or

Corps Athletics

The Corps of Cadets Club Sports Program offers cadet-athletes an opportunity to compete in intercollegiate club sports while developing leadership skills as members of the Corps of Cadets.

Corps athletic teams represented Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets during the 2019-2020 school year and competed successfully across the state and nation in baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, marathon, marksmanship, men’s and women’s soccer, tennis, and triathlon. While a significant portion of the teams’ seasons were cut short due to COVID-19, our teams still had some impressive accomplishments.

Cadet playing against another team in basketball
  • The Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU), commanded by Cadet Thomas Doering ‘20, continued its reign as the nation’s premier collegiate shooting team. CCMU won the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) 2020 National Collegiate Championship in Talladega, AL.  This was CCMU’s fifth consecutive SASP National Championship!  Congratulations to Commanding Officer Thomas Doering, Coach Kevin Jimmerson ’89, Advisor GySgt Chad Parker, and the entire team!
  • The Corps of Cadets Army Ten Miler team traveled to Washington, DC to compete in the annual Army Ten Miler on October 13, 2019. Approximately 35,000 runners participated in the race, which began and ended at the Pentagon.  The Corps team finished fifth out of over 100 teams in the ROTC/Service Academy Division and first place among Senior Military Colleges.  Four of the cadets stayed in DC for an additional three days to represent the Corps at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting.  The cadets interacted with senior Army leaders, defense industry executives, and fellow ROTC cadets during the meeting.  They also received a guided tour of the U.S. Capitol courtesy of Rep. Bill Flores ’76.  Congratulations to team captain Duncan Russell ’20 and the Corps team for an outstanding job in DC!
  • The Corps Marathon Team, led by team captain Donovan Davis ’20, competed in the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington, DC. The 26.2 mile race began and ended at the Marine Corps War Memorial and drew 30,000 runners. Our cadets ran exceptional times despite heavy rains throughout the race. The cadets also had the honor of meeting the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Gary Thomas, who gave them a personal tour of the Marine Barracks and then invited them into his home to watch some football!  The team also competed in the Austin and BCS Marathons. Two cadets—team captain, Donovan Davis ’20 and Michael Galiga ’22—posted Boston Marathon qualifying times (under three hours) in the Austin race!

Other Notable Accomplishments

Four photos representing events from text below
  • Parsons Mounted Cavalry (PMC) was invited to ride in the 83rd Citrus Fiesta’s Parade of Oranges on January 25th, 2020 in Mission, Texas. Their trip to the parade marks the first time that any group from Texas A&M has participated in the parade or any Citrus Fiesta events. PMC traveled safely to Mission by truck and trailer with 64 cadets and 43 horses to participate in the four-mile-long parade, and returned safely afterward.
  • The Class of ’23 Fish Drill Team once again captured the National Championship for precision drill teams at the Tulane Invitational Drill Meet in February 2020! Another impressive win by the only all-freshmen drill team that competes every year at that prestigious drill competition! VERY proud of our Fish Drill Team!
  • Congratulations to the cadets selected as Company/Squadron Commanders and First Sergeants in the Corps of Cadets for the 2020-2021 school year! We are very proud of the cadets selected for these key leadership positions and look forward to seeing them lead our Corps next year. To see the complete list of Company/Squadron Commanding Officers and First Sergeants, please visit:
  • Seven cadets were awarded the Buck Weirus Spirit Award during Family Weekend. The Buck Weirus Spirit Award honors up to 55 students at Texas A&M each year who demonstrate high involvement, create positive experiences throughout the Aggie community, impact student life at Texas A&M and enhance the Aggie spirit. Unlike other awards, the Buck Weirus Spirit Award recognizes those students who make contributions to the university through participation in student organizations, Aggie traditions, and university events. Congratulations to Keller Cox ’21, Abhi Dhillon ’20, Weston Fisher ’20, Karsten Lowe ’20, Nicholas Rossi ’20, Micah Tardy ’20, and Luke Thomas ’20 for receiving the Buck Weirus Spirit Award! We are very proud of all of them!
  • During Family Weekend, we take the time to recognize outstanding cadets and outfits, and reward them for their commitment to excellence and dedication to the core values of Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets. Although we couldn’t gather together in person for Family Weekend this year, we still wanted to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our cadets who excelled throughout the school year. Congratulations to all of the cadets and outfits who received awards for the 2019-2020 school year! To view the entire list please visit:
  • Even though COVID-19 prohibited us from conducting the annual March to the Brazos with the entire Corps, we conducted an “Honorary March to the Brazos” on Saturday, April 25. The “Honorary March to the Brazos” honored all the cadets who were not able to participate this year, as well as two members of the Office of the Commandant’s staff who recently passed away. Two groups participated that day: the first group consisted of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Danny Pugh; Chief of Staff for the Office of the Commandant, COL Byron Stebbins; Assistant Commandant for Discipline, COL Gary Beaty; the Commandant, and a cadet representative from each of the classes in the Corps this year: the classes of ‘20, ‘21, ‘22 and ’23. Each cadet carried a flag with their class year on it in honor of their fellow cadets who could not participate this year due to COVID-19. The second group, which left campus 30 minutes after the first group, consisted of the Cadet Training Officers (CTOs), who carried a U.S. Marine Corps flag in honor of Colonel Glenn Starnes and a U.S. Navy flag in honor of Lt Commander Lee Hassman, two of our staff members who died recently from cancer. Despite the fact that we could not have the entire Corps conduct March to the Brazos this year, our cadets still continued to raise money through the March to the Brazos for four local non-profit organizations. We were proud to conduct the Honorary March to the Brazos this year to honor our cadets and our two fallen staff members, and prouder still that many cadets chose to do their own honorary march at home. Just another example of how the Aggie Spirit can overcome anything – even a global pandemic! View photos from this year’s Honorary March to the Brazos here.
  • One of the Corps of Cadets’ most iconic and time-honored traditions, Final Review, was scheduled to take place in early May. However, due to COVID-19, we were unable to conduct Final Review on Simpson Drill Field. It was still important to us that we acknowledge this year’s cadets and celebrate their accomplishments throughout the 2019-2020 school year, so we conducted a virtual Final Review. Though this virtual Final Review will never replace the actual event on Simpson Drill Field, we still felt that it was a fitting tribute to the Corps of Cadets and the Class of 2020 for a wonderful school year – despite the effects of COVID-19. We are proud of all of them, and thank all of them for their resilience, their positive attitude, and their steadfastness throughout all that this school year presented to them. We are already looking forward to seeing the 2020-2021 Corps of Cadets continue this tradition of excellence next year! God Bless our Corps!!  You can watch the 2020 virtual Final Review at
  • Cadets Taylor ‘21 and Ty ‘21 Sutton received the 2020 Aggie Spirit Award from the Texas A&M Faculty Senate this year. They were two of only three students to receive this year’s award. Ty and Taylor were recognized for receiving the Aggie Spirit Award by the Faculty Senate via a livestream on Zoom. We are proud of both of our cadets for receiving this prestigious award, and are proud of the example they set for all cadets and fellow students every day. To read more about the Aggie Spirit Award and Taylor ‘21 and Ty ‘21 Sutton, visit our website  here.
  • The 2020-2021 Texas A&M Parents of the Year are Tanya and TJ Gillespie, parents of a former cadet, and very good friends to the Corps of Cadets. The Gillespie’s son, Taylor Gillespie ’11, was a member of Company P-2, a Ross Volunteer, and an outstanding cadet, respected by all who knew him. Taylor was tragically killed in a car accident in January 2011 while returning to campus. A few years following his death, the Gillespies moved to College Station and started Taylor’s Place, a nonprofit organization providing free accommodations for families of Aggie students who otherwise could not afford to visit. In 2013, the Office of the Commandant created the Taylor A. Gillespie Most Improved Outfit Award, one of our Major Flag Awards presented during Family Weekend to the outfit that has shown the most improvement over the previous year. We are extremely proud of Tanya and TJ for receiving this prestigious award, and offer our sincerest congratulations for being selected as the Aggie Parents of the Year for 2020-2021! You can read more about the Gillespies as the 2020-2021 Parents of the Year  here.
  • Congratulations to cadet Matthew Ryan from C Company who was selected for the 2020-2021 Kupfer scholarship. The Kupfer Scholarship is named for former cadet Harold Kupfer, ’54, and is sponsored by Gerald Ray, ’54 and Donald Zale, ’55. The Kupfer Scholarship is extremely competitive, and is designed to help cadets continue to achieve their goals here at Texas A&M. Cadet Matthew Ryan is truly deserving of this very prestigious scholarship, and we are proud of him and all that he has achieved as a member of the Corps of Cadets. Congratulations to Matthew for his academic success and his selection for the Harold Kupfer Scholarship this year! More information about the Harold Kupfer Scholarship can be found at Kupfer Scholarship. To learn how you can impact future cadets and help the Corps of Cadets, contact the Texas A&M Foundation Corps Development team at

Corps Development

As our Corps continues to grow, we strive to offer additional financial aid, enhanced learning experiences, and outstanding facilities for our cadets.  Donor support provides critical resources allowing us to recruit and retain outstanding cadets. To all who have given so generously—thank you! Your gifts of support will impact our Corps for many years to come.

Development Priorities

Donors often ask how they can make the greatest impact on the Corps. Support for our leadership training, international excursions, learning centers and scholarships are among our highest priorities.

Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership (HCEL)

Providing resources for the HCEL is our number one funding priority. Through this center, all cadets experience formal studies in leadership and are taught to apply those leadership principles in everyday life in the Corps. Juniors and seniors who are not pursuing military commissions further their leadership experience with advanced courses and training to prepare them for civilian careers. We are expanding this career readiness training through additional conferences, mentoring programs and post-graduation research. In 2019, over $110,000 was generously pledged by individual and corporate donors to impact the Hollingsworth Center, including $87,000 toward the Intentional Leadership Conference.

Corps International Excursions

Over the past 10 years, cadets have enjoyed the opportunity to travel abroad through the Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program. Corps International Excursions offer short-term study abroad opportunities between the end of the spring semester and the start of summer terms. Currently, three groups of approximately 26 cadets receive an intense international experience while gaining insight into the cultures, languages and geopolitical issues of key nations. These excursions provide opportunities for cadets to interact with peers from host nations, gain an understanding of the important issues facing the world and learn about the impact each nation has on the United States. In 2019, one former cadet made a groundbreaking impact on this program, committing a multi-year sponsorship so that cadets can gain valuable international experience, just like he did during his time at A&M.

Leadership Learning Centers (LLCs)

As part of renovations to the Quad over the past several years, 4 Leadership Learning Centers were funded through the generosity of donors and built to create the premier learning/study spaces on the Texas A&M campus. These LLCs, situated between dorms 1-8, provide learning spaces for large groups, small groups, and individuals and offer access to the latest in education technology. Whether participating in tutoring sessions, studying individually or working with class project teams, our cadets benefit tremendously from the best learning environment on campus in the LLCs. It’s no wonder cadets have posted the highest GPAs in Corps history since the construction of the LLCs. Plans are currently underway to develop 2 additional LLCs to be located between dorms 9-11 and 10-12. We encourage donors who want to make a positive impact on the learning environment for the Corps to consider support for these new LLCs.

Corps Scholarships

As our Corps continues to grow, we seek to increase the number of scholarships for cadets.  Our goal is to have every academically eligible cadet on a Corps scholarship, especially those with financial need and those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.

Whether you decide to create an endowed Keepers of The Spirit Scholarship, Corps 21 Scholarship, General Rudder Scholarship, or Sul Ross Scholarship, you will truly impact the lives of cadets for generations to come.

Other Opportunities

Donors who wish to invest in the continued growth and success of the Corps are encouraged to contact our Corps of Cadets Development team:

Texas A&M Foundation Corps Development
(979) 458-1689

In Memoriam

Colonel Glenn Starnes '81

Colonel Glenn T. Starnes ’81
Assistant Commandant, Operations
January 27, 1959 – March 30, 2020

Lieutenant Commander Lee Hassman

Lieutenant Commander Dennis (Lee) Hassman ‘88
2nd Wing Cadet Training Officer
October 16, 1966 – April 12, 2020