Selim Gezgin ‘21

Selim Gezgin ‘21 is an International Studies major minoring in Arabic from Dallas, TX. Originally from Squadron 16, Selim now serves as the Corps Adjutant, Discipline Officer, and President of the Cadet Performance Review Board.

Selim previously served as the 1st Regiment Training Sergeant and Training Officer his junior year. He is also a member of the Ross Volunteer Company. Off the Quad, Selim is the founder and past president of the Texas A&M Chapter of The Model Arab League student organization. He also places great importance on his faith as a Muslim, and personally enjoys cooking, reading, and exercising.

Upon graduation in May 2021, Selim will commission into the U.S. Air Force and begin pilot training. He hopes to fly fighters during his service for as long as he can. We are incredibly proud of Selim and wish him the best in his future endeavors. Good luck and Gig ‘em, Selim!