Ross Volunteer Company Inducts New Members

On October 4th, 72 men and women from the Class of 2022 were inducted into the Ross Volunteer Company – the oldest student organization in Texas. The Ross Volunteers are the official Honor Guard of the State of Texas. Ceremonial duties of the Ross Volunteer Company include firing 3-volley, 21-gun salutes at Texas A&M University‘s Silver Taps ceremonies and during the annual campus Muster ceremony.

Juniors were selected by the senior class based on their academics, conduct, character, leadership, and their ability to represent the Corps of Cadets and the University in an exceptional manner. The cadets selected possess the character traits of the RV Company’s namesake, Lawrence Sullivan Ross: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Knightly Gentlemen (and Noble Ladies). The newest members of the Ross Volunteer Company:

Jacob Abell

Ashwin Akki

Aurora Alarcon

Andrew Bainbridge

Josiah Bartolomei

John Beadle

Madison Beall

Megan Benzel

Thomas Bergeron

Isabel Blevins

John Brindle

Tyler Bulthuis

Darien Burley

Mason Caillier

Ivan Carrasco

Kyle Clancy

Emory Cook

Timothy Davis

Rylan Dickson

Brendan Ertle

Giovani Escalon

Connor Fortier

Thomas Gibbs

Megan Ging

Mason Graham

Jonathan Gumero

Erin Gustafson

Ryan Hames

Logan Harris

Nicholas Heinrich-Barna

Mark Hill

Alex Holden

Emily Hudechek

Henry Johnson

Georgia Jones

Grant Kirby

William Kirby

Keegan Kittrell

Haylee Konecny

Kelly Kremple

Michael Kuenzli

Amber Le

Paul Lessard

David Lyons

Christopher Martin

Theron Mcadoo

Connor McMunn

Forrest Moses

Patrick Nicholson

Brandon Parrish

Grace Pick

Zachary Radke

Michael Rodriguez-Garza

Anthony Roman

Guillermo Salinas

Ty Sanders

Andrew Scahill

Thomas Schneider

Noah Sell

Molly Smith

Connor Smythe

Anna Starr

Jacob Taylor

William Thurman

Cole Tschirhart

Hayden Turner

Daniel Vannoy

Landon Viera

Connor Walker

Jayden Weaver

Logan Welsh

Lyndon Wilson