Nicholas Mogensen ’15 is a Politics and Diplomacy major from Potomac Falls, Virginia. He is currently enrolled in the five-year Master’s Program in International Affairs at the Bush School, with a focus on Diplomacy and National Security. Nick took eight AP courses in high school allowing him to enter Texas A&M as a sophomore, so he will earn his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees simultaneously. The son of Natale and Richard Mogensen, Nick is from Company K-1 and will serve as the Corps Sergeant Major for the 2013 – 2014 year.

Active within the Corps of Cadets, Nick received a four-year Army ROTC Scholarship upon acceptance to Texas A&M. Nick also received the award for Most Outstanding Army ROTC Cadet for the Class of ’15 in the spring of his freshman year. He is a former member of the TAMU Ranger Challenge Team and a current member of both the O.R. Simpson Honor Society and the Corps Army Ten Miler Team. Nick is also a member of Rudder’s Rangers and has served as a Rudder’s Rangers Fire Team Leader.

Outside the Corps, Nick is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and was accepted into the new Conflict and Development Academy at Texas A&M University last spring. This prestigious organization is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Higher Education Solutions Network and is one of only seven in the entire country. He is also very involved with the Memorial Student Center (MSC) in various activities, including serving as Roundtable Host of the winning policy paper at last year’s Student Conference On National Affairs (SCONA) conference, and serving as a member on the Research Fellows Selection Committee for the L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness – an organization that sends Aggies for research abroad on scholarships. Nick is also a former member of MSC Opera and Performing Arts Society (OPAS).

Nick traveled to the Philippines with the Corps International Excursion Program in spring 2012 and also travelled to Moshi, Tanzania for three weeks on an Army ROTC Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program (CULP) for humanitarian aid mission that summer. During his time in Moshi, he helped build an orphanage and taught classes in local schools. He visited Bonn, Germany for three months this past summer, where he took upper-level German courses and completed a five-week internship with the Reservistenverband, the German Armed Forces Reserve Association. Nick hopes to compete for a Project Global Officer (GO) Scholarship – a collaborative initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for ROTC students – for this upcoming summer to study Russian overseas.

After graduation in May 2015, Nick will commission in the United States Army, and hopes to branch in either Aviation, Infantry or Military Intelligence. He ultimately would like to become a U.S. Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO) or eventually join the Foreign Service.

Nick is an accomplished student and cadet, and has a very directed focus for his life and career. He has a wide variety of exceptional global experiences, and has proven that he is a very well-rounded individual who works very hard to excel in all areas of his life. I am very proud of Nick and look forward to all that I know he will accomplish both in the Army and in his own personal endeavors. He is symbolic of the “great citizen-leader” we strive to produce in our Corps.