Marc Steven Martinez ’14 is a Kinesiology major from San Antonio, Texas, and is the son of Michael and Susan Martinez. He is one of four sons and is one of seven Aggies in his family. Marc serves as the Commander of Company P-2 for the 2013 – 2014 school year. He previously served as the outfit Guidon and Chaplain.

Active within the Corps, Marc is a member of the Ross Volunteer Company and is also serving as the ‘Squat’ Platoon Sergeant for the RVs this year.

Outside the Corps, Marc was a member of the Texas A&M organizations Ags of Oak (Open Acts of Kindness) and Navigators – a Christian bible study organization on campus.

During the summer of 2013, Marc completed and graduated from Marine Corps Officer Candidates School. The course included six weeks of evaluation of his physical fitness, academics and leadership skills to confirm his moral, intellectual, and physical qualities as well as his leadership potential to serve as a company grade officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Upon Graduation in August 2014, Marc will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He plans to marry fellow Aggie Kaylan S. Perez ’11 in October, then will move to Quantico, Virginia to complete The Basic School for the Marine Corps. After TBS, Marc hopes to serve as a Marine Infantry Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

Marc has had an exceptional career within the Corps of Cadets, and has distinguished himself as a leader, a mentor, and a man of impeccable integrity. He is a leader that others respect and want to follow, and I have no doubt that his experiences in the Corps will serve him well when he becomes a Marine Lieutenant. His leadership skills are superb, his ability to handle tough situations is exceptional, and his character is beyond reproach. I know that those who know Marc best, especially those under his command, value his leadership, his expertise, his management skills, and his friendship. Marc is exactly the type of young man that the Marine Corps seeks to lead Marines, and I know he is going to go on to great success in all that he does in the future.