Lilly Connolly '20

Lily Connolly is a Political Science major, is contracted to commission into the United States Army, and is the Commanding Officer of Company A-1. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, she was classically trained in ballet, spending summers training with professional companies and almost pursued a career in ballet. However, in high school she found her calling to serve. She learned about Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets her senior year and chose to attend A&M to pursue her goal of serving in the military.

Lily entered the Corps in Squadron 3 where she discovered her passion for the military training environment and decided to pursue an Army contract. She became involved with the Darling Recruiting Company where she shares her love for Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets with prospective students. Lily also served as Cadre for her unit during Freshman Orientation Week (FOW) where she was responsible for training the new freshman assigned to her unit. She was selected to be a Fire Team Leader her sophomore year.

During her junior year Lily was selected to be the Squad Leader for her outfit, the First Sergeant of Darling Recruiting Company, and secured an Army contract after completing Basic Training. She was also inducted as a member of the Ross Volunteer Company, where she serves as the Public Relations Sergeant.  Last May she had the privilege of going to Israel on an international excursion with the Corps of Cadets. Following the excursion, Lily attended and graduated from Army ROTC Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Lily will graduate and commission into the United States Army in May 2020 as an officer in the Adjutant General Corps. She also plans to get her Master’s Degree in either Human Resources or Education so she can continue to pursue her passion of helping people. We are very proud of Lily and all she’s accomplished during her 4 years in the Corps, and know that she is destined for even greater success in the future. We wish her well as she begins her new career in the United States Army in May!