Vasant Kurvari ‘19 is an Industrial Engineering (ISEN) major with minors in math and computer science. He is the son of Sunita Verma-Kurvari and Venkatesh Kurvari and calls Plano, Texas home.

Squadron 20 is Vasant’s home outfit, where he serves as the Career Readiness Officer, as well as the Executive Officer of the O.R. Simpson Honor Society.  During his sophomore year, he served as the squadron’s operations/logistics corporal.  His junior year, Vasant served as 3rd Wing Scholastics Sergeant.

Off the Quad, Vasant is an ISEN ambassador and a teaching assistant for ISEN 230 for Excel programming. He has participated in Aggies Invent numerous times and won first place at a Venture Wells Open MINDS Conference for the Illumi-nite invention he created. Vasant has also assisted in researching epilepsy prediction and cyber manufacturing.

Vasant will commission into the United States Air Force and hopes to pursue a career in cybersecurity and operations research.  Vasant aspires to one day create his own inventions/innovations in order to better the country as a whole.  “I have a profound love for this country and hold a high sense of pride and honor, so I want to contribute to the greater good and unlock my potential so that I may make a change in the world,” Vasant said. Keep up the hard work Vasant, I know you’ll make us proud in all your future endeavors.

Vasant Kurvari ‘19