Joseph Cooksey is a Construction Science Major from Flower Mound, Texas. He is the son of JoAnn and Jeff Cooksey and is currently serving on Corps Staff as the Corps Inspector General.

Joseph began his time in the Corps of Cadets in Squadron 11.  His sophomore year he was a Fire Team Leader, and participated in the Military Proficiency Inspection team. The experiences he had on the team inspired him to serve on Corps Staff his junior year as the Corps Inspector General Sergeant.  Joseph continues his work on Corps Staff, and is spending his senior year creating, revising, and editing policy for uniform and room standards for the entire corps.

Joseph has a heart for travel, and has made use of the opportunities that the Commandant allows for cadets.  He traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to be a member of the United Nations Leadership Conference, and became a group leader in his time there. The following summer, Joseph attended a Corps Excursion to Australia, where he studied the country with 25 other cadets through the lenses of diplomacy, information, military, economics, and religion. Five days after returning from Australia, Joseph embarked on a service trip to Puerto Rico to provide relief for the citizens there who were still struggling in the wake multiple hurricanes. During this trip Joseph was able to interact with and get to know students outside of the Corps, including chair members, vice presidents, and presidents of multiple organizations throughout the Memorial Student Center.

In his final year in the Corps, Joseph desires to teach other cadets about these programs and mentor the underclassmen in his outfit. Joseph will graduate in May of 2020, and hopes to work for a construction company abroad. His current goal is to work for B.L. Harbert and build embassies. He is a hard-working young man with a bright future ahead of him. We wish Joseph nothing but the very best in all of his future endeavors, and know that he will make us all proud!

Joseph Cooksey '19