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The Quad: Home to the Corps of Cadets

Texas A&M University completed the largest renovation of the Quad since its initial construction in 1939 which completely remodeled the 12 Corps area dorms, added four state-of-the-art Leadership Learning Centers, constructed all new sidewalks and parade decks, and added a Starbucks to the southside section of the campus.

The leadership learning centers have offered the Corps something that has been long over due- a place for cadets to study and take advantage of academic resources such as computer labs and group study rooms, two things that cadets found themselves doing “off-quad” the majority of the time. Now that the leadership learning centers have been set in place (not to mention the Starbucks!), cadets have been able to focus on their studies in the comfort of the quad. Having these safe havens where cadets can conduct group studies, research projects, or simply study on their own has made taking care of academics a little bit less of a hassle, not mention that it has made the quad a little more like home.
Lindsay Johnston ’18

Leadership Learning Centers

Dedication to academic success created a need for additional academic support facilities. The Corps now has four, four-story leadership learning centers equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs, small and large group study rooms and instructional rooms. These facilities, located on the Quad, where the cadets live, total nearly 100,000 square feet and are dedicated to the academic success and professional development of our cadets.

Most cadets have access to the leadership learning centers directly from their dorms and can gather with other students at Texas A&M to study, complete group projects, or even unwind from a long day of classes. These spaces have created an environment where cadets focus more on academic tasks and less on maneuvering around campus. 

Corps Academic Facilities

Corps Academic Facilities

The renovation of the Quad was designed under two different phases, completing phase one in 2016 and phase two in the fall of 2017.  All 12 dorms have been completely renovated and now house current cadets. During construction, the interior of the dorms was completely torn out, leaving nothing but a brick shell and allowing for the most efficient use of existing space. This makes it the first time that the dorms have been rebuilt since their original construction in 1939. The dorms now offer a safer, more efficient space for cadets to live while in the Corps.  The next significant milestone for the Corps and Texas A&M will be the completion of the new Music Activities Center in 2019.

Latest News on Quad Facilities

Quad Master Plan, Phase I The most comprehensive renovation project ever undertaken on the Quad since it was built in 1939 was completed in 2017 and the entire Corps resided in all 12 dorms on the Quad for the 2017-18 school year!  This massive renovation transformed the 1939-era [...]

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Corps Academic Facilities
I think that the biggest benefit of the Leadership Learning Centers is the ease of access of resources for cadets. There is tutoring, a test bank, study rooms, open access labs, and many other tools that are right on the quad for cadet use. They allow us a space that was built for our needs to help us achieve academic success which is why we are all at Texas A&M.
Sara Wojak ‘18

Facilities Quick Facts

  • Four Leadership Learning Centers: Tony Buzbee ‘90, H. Grady Ash, Jr. ‘58, Stephen C. Ash ’87 and Susan & Michael J. Plank ’83 Leadership Learning Center
  • Four, 4-story, 32,000 square-foot leadership learning centers
  • Michael Plank Leadership Learning Center is home to a two-story Starbucks which, on average, serves 600 cups of coffee or tea a day.
  • Total of 6 Open Access Computer Labs on the Quad in the Leadership Learning Centers with a total of 100 computers
  • Phase one of construction over $80 million of work was put in place.
  • Construction was begun only four months after the start of project design, and the entire $124,000,000 project was designed in 6 months.
  • Phase 1 of the project site included almost all new underground utility and thermal distribution systems for the five dorms and two new Leadership Learning Centers, as well as over 95,000 SF of concrete pavers.
  • During the peak of Phase 1 construction, there were over 425 trade workers onsite each day.
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