Ethan Fritz ’15 is a History Major from Verdon, Nebraska and is the son of Noala and the late Lyle Fritz. He is currently serving as the Training Officer for the Second Brigade for the 2014-2015
school year.

Active within the Corps, Ethan is a member of the Ross Volunteers and served as a Fire team Leader in his home outfit, Company D-2. He also served as the Finance Sergeant and Training Sergeant for Second Brigade and was a member of the Corps Color Guard.

Outside the Corps, Ethan was a member of the MSC Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA) and the Texas A&M German Club. He works summers on his family’s farm in Nebraska and also volunteered with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Falls City, Nebraska to clean up and serve the community after the tornado disaster in Pilger, Nebraska in June, 2014.

Upon Graduation in May 2015, Ethan will commission into the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery. After his service in the military, he plans to teach high school history and aspires to become a principle or superintendent.

A seasoned and accomplished cadet, Ethan has held several leadership positions within the Corps and has excelled at all of them. He is a young man of solid character, and I have great confidence in his abilities. Ethan is a leader who knows what it means to “lead by example,” and also exemplifies our Corps values of Integrity, Honor, Courage, Discipline, and Selfless Service in all that he does on a daily basis. He is going to follow a family tradition of military service in the Army, and I have every confidence that he is going to be a superb Army Officer and will lead his soldiers well. Ethan embodies the traits of “Soldier, Statesman, and Knightly Gentleman” that members of the Corps are known for in every field of endeavor – especially the military. He is going to be a superb military leader, and will no doubt have a positive influence on many young people in the future as a high school educator and administrator. Ethan Fritz is going to make all Aggies proud in all that he does in the future!