The following message was sent to all cadets on April 23, 2020 at 12:09pm


The purpose of this email is to provide information about Corps dorm move-out requirements and a link for you to select your preferred move out option.

The deadline for completing move out is May 9 for all except students attending classes at Blinn, who must move out by May 15.  You have several options to choose from to clear your room, including a cost effective summer housing option and a moving company the Department of Residence Life has worked with that is willing to provide discounted packing, moving and storage prices for those unable to return to campus and clear their belongings.

To choose the option that works best for you, go to and fill out the form named “May 2020 Move-Out” (displayed as a tab at the top of the screen after logging-in).  This form must be submitted by May 7.  When you get to the form, you will be able to select from the following six move-out options (several of which address the move-out concerns that have been expressed to the Department of Residence Life):

  1. I have already removed all of my belongings and moved out.
  2. I will remove my belongings and move out by the end of my contract term (May 9, or May 15 if taking classes at Blinn).
  3. A friend or relative will remove my belongings and move me out by the end of my contract term.
  4. I will hire a moving company to pack and remove my belongings (by the end of my contract term).
  5. I want the Department of Residence Life to donate my usable belongings to charity, and dispose of my unusable belongings.
  6. I need to continue living on-campus and understand I will need to move to White Creek Apartments by the end of my contract term.

More detailed information about the move-out options listed above (including information about summer housing and the discounted pricing available from a moving company in town) are found on the form named “May 2020 Move-Out” at

If you choose the Crossroads Moving option, the Office of the Commandant intends to have a staff member present when your belongings are inventoried and boxed.  The Office of the Commandant also intends to inventory and secure any Corps uniforms left in your room and store them for you at the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC).

If you fail to submit this form and your belongings are still in your spring assignment at the end of your contract term, the Department of Residence Life will treat your belongings as abandoned property.  Abandoned property will be disposed of per University guidelines.  There will be a charge to the student for removing the abandoned property. Cadet uniforms left in rooms with abandoned property will be inventoried and returned to the UDC, and any missing items will be charged to the cadets.

If you have concerns or questions about this email, please contact me at For questions about cadet uniforms, please contact Mr Bill Meredith at or call the Uniform Distribution Center (979) 845-2528.  For information concerning dorm move-out procedures and guidance please contact Dr. Carol Binzer in the Department of Residence Life at

Thanks for your cooperation as we all navigate these unprecedented times.

Gig ‘em,

Will Schrank