The Organizational Structure of the Corps

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets borrows much of its organizational structure from military units. Incoming cadets, called fish, select their unit then live and train with this chosen outfit for most of their Corps career. The Corps of Cadets groups outfits into Major Units by ROTC affiliation. Corps units in the Major Unit Brigades align with Army ROTC, Corps units in the Major Unit Regiments align with Naval ROTC, and Corps units in the Major Unit Wings align with Air Force ROTC.

Corps outfit group photo at March to the Brazos

The Outfit & The Commander

Each outfit in the Corps has its own unique identity and “outfit culture” developed over many years. Some units coalesce around activities such as intramural sports, physical training, military preparedness, and other activities. Often, cadets describe the units as “families” where life-long friendships develop among members.

The Commanding Officer is a senior cadet, appointed to the leadership position before the beginning of the school year, and he or she is responsible for leading the unit in all outfit activities for the year.

Corps outfit performs their unit hump it or yell

So…Which outfit should I choose?

If you ask any cadet, he or she will almost always give you the same answer to this question: “Mine!”  In most cases, choosing an outfit is a personal preference. You can find descriptions of each unit here, and our Recruiting Staff is always happy to help you learn more about specific units or introduce you to some of their members. However, the best way to learn about Corps outfits is to participate in one of our Corps Recruiting programs such as Spend The Night With The Corps.

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