On A&M’s very own Kyle Field, Colonel Michael Reilly, Professor of Naval Science, presented 24 Navy-option Midshipmen with their Service Selection Certificates. These Midshipmen earn and receive their job or service designation prior to graduation and commissioning as an Ensign in the Navy. NROTC Navy options receive one of the following (5) designations: 


-Naval Aviator (Pilot)

-Naval Aviation (Flight Officer)

-Naval Special Warfare Officer (SEALS/EOD)

-Submarine Officer

-Surface Warfare Officer


Congratulations to the following Midshipmen on their Service Selection Certificates:

MIDN Zachary Coleman: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Jose Cruz: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Tjader DeAlba: Surface Warfare

MIDN Carlos DeLeon: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Sierra German: Naval Reactors-Engineer

MIDN Clay Hudson: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Andrew Jansen: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Marc Jennings: Surface Warfare- Nuclear

MIDN Donald Lobeda: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Ethan Lochner: Special Warfare-Seal

MIDN Michael Mabry: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Andrew Marko: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Matthew Marroquin: Surface Warfare

MIDN Michael Matticola: Naval Aviation-Naval Flight Officer

MIDN Hoang Nguyen: Surface Warfare

MIDN Steven Orciuoli: Naval Aviation-Naval Flight Officer

MIDN Emiliano Padilla: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Margot Rae: Surface Warfare-Engineering

MIDN Ethan Ritchie: Submarine Warfare

MIDN Dillon Roske: Special Operations: EOD

MIDN Mason Sledge: Naval Aviation-Pilot

MIDN Dalton St. Romain: Naval Aviation-Naval Flight Officer

MIDN Thomas Trask:  Naval Aviation-Pilot