Corps Brass symbolizes a cadet’s commitment to the values and ideals of the 144 year old Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. 

“Corps Brass is a physical manifestation of what it means to be a cadet. It symbolizes the virtues that all cadets embody: soldier, statesman, and knightly gentleman. It is a privilege earned every day through one’s moral and selfless actions and serves as a cadet’s commitment to strength, intelligence, and selfless service. 

I earned my Corps Brass just like anyone else did during the culminating event that takes place in November. Throughout the first semester, the rest of the freshmen in the Corps and I embarked on a journey of rigorous yet rewarding experiences. We learned what it took to be a trained cadet through academics, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness, and discipline through accountability. Once we show that we, as freshmen, can display the virtues of Corps Brass through our everyday actions, we go through a culminating event that embodies all the lessons learned throughout the year and puts them to the test. After the test is completed, we freshmen commit to strength, intelligence, and service as proud new members of the Corps of Cadets. 

There have been multiple changes in the structure of obtaining Corps Brass throughout the Corps’ history. It used to be where the outfits would choose when the freshmen were ready to get their Corps Brass. In the present day, little has changed from my experience in achieving Corps Brass. The most significant change was creating the Corps Brass book that was implemented to the entirety of the Corps of Cadets during my sophomore year. It wasn’t new to me because we had our vision of the Corps Brass book during our freshman year that mirrors exactly what the Corps uses today. I believe having the Corps Brass book is an excellent idea as it shows real progression and helps us, a Corps, grow together by keeping each other and mainly the freshmen, accountable.

Being the CO of the Corps Brass Company means more than just the title of the position I hold for the unit. The meaning of this is very personal, as I feel I am responsible for making sure everyone in my company is upholding themselves to the values of the Corps Brass. I take great pride in ensuring every individual’s success and developing cadets of good character. My mission is to make sure we, as an outfit, uphold what we hold dear into our hearts and that the meaning and history of our beloved Corps Brass is never forgotten. It is a privilege to wear this brass and be the company commander for such a history-rich outfit, but it is not easy to earn.

Every day I create daily goals that reflect the Corps Brass’s values through physical fitness, reading and expanding intellectually, and the power of leadership. This allows me to set an example of how one should uphold the values and, thus, enables me to empower those around me and guide them on how to maintain the values of Corps Brass. My goal is for everyone in this outfit to be the best version of themselves and use the Corps Brass values as a form of a moral compass to guide them in their personal and professional development.”

Daniel Farias ’21
Commanding Officer,
Company F-1