Corps Commander Connor Fortier
Deputy Corps Commander Andrew Bainbridge
Corps Chief of Staff Anthony Roman
Corps Sergeant Major Grayson Winchester
1st Brigade Commander Anderson Tittle
1st Brigade Sergeant Major Carter Braswell
A-2 Commanding Officer Jonathan Ilori
First Sergeant Hunter Butler
B-1 Commanding Officer Andrew Cianciolo
First Sergeant Hadder Hussein
F-2 Commanding Officer David Meyer
First Sergeant Sean Watson
L-1 Commanding Officer Ashwin Akki
First Sergeant Caden Lerum
2nd Brigade Commander Brendan Ertle
2nd Brigade Sergeant Major Justin Cotter
D-2 Commanding Officer Caleb Snow
First Sergeant Dayton Hintz
E-1 Commanding Officer Emory Cook
First Sergeant William Whitaker
I-1 Commanding Officer Michael Grantham
First Sergeant Connor Sisler
K-1 Commanding Officer Alex Wilson
First Sergeant Esther Fritz
3rd Brigade Commander Thomas Gibbs
3rd Brigade Sergeant Major Virginia Condry
A-1 Commanding Officer Michael Rodriguez-Garza
First Sergeant Bailey Lamotte
B-2 Commanding Officer Danny Vannoy
First Sergeant Garrett Klinger
C-1 Commanding Officer Gareth Jukes
First Sergeant Parker Teague
1st Regiment Commander Grace Pick
1st Regiment Sergeant Major Ethan Hasty
G-2 Commanding Officer Anna Starr
First Sergeant Seth St Onge
H-1 Commanding Officer Christian Noyola
First Sergeant Bryce Buchanan
P-2 Commanding Officer Georgia Jones
First Sergeant Oakley Mueller
S-1 Commanding Officer Grant Laymon
First Sergeant Jessica Buonerba
2nd Regiment Commander Madison Beall
2nd Regiment Sergeant Major Chase Johnson
C-2 Commanding Officer Frederick Durham
First Sergeant Nathaniel Mulkey
E-2 Commanding Officer Jerry Reiger
First Sergeant Batie Bishop
F-1 Commanding Officer Reese Lastrapes
First Sergeant Isaac Juarez
N-1 Commanding Officer Joshua Delgado
First Sergeant Lauren Langenberg
3rd Regiment Commander Haylee Konecny
3rd Regiment Sergeant Major Noriati LeBlanc
D-1 Commanding Officer Connor Smythe
First Sergeant Alexander Cannon
G-1 Commanding Officer Ryan Johnson
First Sergeant Danish Khan
K-2 Commanding Officer Alexander Holden
First Sergeant Ryan Applebee
S-2 Commanding Officer Quintin Wesolick
First Sergeant Braxton Macias
1st Wing Commander Grant Kirby
1st Wing Sergeant Major Albert Tes
SQ-3 Commanding Officer Reed Way
First Sergeant Payton Puriski
SQ-4 Commanding Officer Forrest Moses
First Sergeant Alexander Partida
SQ-8 Commanding Officer Nick Farrell
First Sergeant Brodie Freijy
SQ-11 Commanding Officer Michael Garner
First Sergeant Benjamin Sudbury
SQ-17 Commanding Officer Theron McAdoo
First Sergeant Wyatt Spangler
2nd Wing Commander Hannah Limburg
2nd Wing Sergeant Major Daniel Proudman
SQ-1 Commanding Officer Ethan Porter
First Sergeant Chase Garza
SQ-12 Commanding Officer Brandon Potter
First Sergeant John Diederich
SQ-16 Commanding Officer Brady Corbitt
First Sergeant Garrett True
SQ-18 Commanding Officer Thomas Schneider
First Sergeant Tanner Hook
SQ-21 Commanding Officer Ivan Carrasco
First Sergeant Joseph Andruss
3rd Wing Commander Mark Hill
3rd Wing Sergeant Major Alexis Rickard
SQ-2 Commanding Officer Paige Eaton
First Sergeant William Crutchfield
SQ-5 Commanding Officer Karch Verlanic
First Sergeant Garrett Stewart
SQ-6 Commanding Officer Andres Mena
First Sergeant Justin Compton
SQ-20 Commanding Officer Jack Lyons
First Sergeant Jake Young
SQ-23 Commanding Officer Steven Heissenhuber
First Sergeant Brooke Turner
Delta Company Commanding Officer Jesse Dennis
First Sergeant Philip Molnar
Aggie Band Commander Jacob Abell
Combined Band Sergeant Major Cameron Paladino
Artillery Band Commanding Officer Logan Welsh
Artillery Band Sergeant Major Audrey Fatheree
A-Battery Commanding Officer Abigail Riley
First Sergeant Clayton Stuller
B-Battery Commanding Officer Carter McClendon
First Sergeant Corinne Cox
C-Battery Commanding Officer Zach Falla
First Sergeant Connor Close
Infantry Band Commanding Officer Campbell Hartigan
Infantry Band Sergeant Major Kendalyn Lytle
A-Company Commanding Officer Thomas Bergeron
First Sergeant Andrew Borseth
B-Company Commanding Officer Nate Rossi
First Sergeant Katlyn Lang
C-Company Commanding Officer Thomas Deeb
First Sergeant Braden Alexander

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Announces 2021-2022 Leadership 

Thirteen students representing four states and nine Texas cities will assume senior leadership roles in the Corps of Cadets next year.

COLLEGE STATION, Mar. 3, 2021 – The largest, oldest, and most visible student organization at Texas A&M University— the Corps of Cadets — has selected their senior leadership for the 2021-2022 school year.

Three cadets were identified to fill the most senior leadership positions of Corps Commander, Deputy Corps Commander and Chief of Staff:

  • Corps Commander: Connor Fortier, Flower Mound, Texas. Industrial Distribution.
  • Deputy Corps Commander: Andrew Bainbridge, Dripping Springs, Texas. Electrical Engineering.
  • Chief of Staff: Anthony Roman, Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Nuclear Engineering.

Cadets complete a thorough selection process that consists of an application and an interview with a panel of peers and staff. All applicants are evaluated on academic performance, performance in the Corps, success in previous leadership positions, peer/staff evaluations, and their leadership vision for the future.

Ten cadets were also selected to serve as Major Unit Commanders for the Corps’ ten major units:

  • 1st Brigade Commander: Anderson Tittle, Houston, Texas.
  • 2nd Brigade Commander: Brendan Ertle, Manasquan, New Jersey.
  • 3rd Brigade Commander: Thomas Gibbs, San Antonio, Texas.
  • 1st Regiment Commander: Grace Pick, Owatonna, Minnesota.
  • 2nd Regiment Commander: Madison Beall, Katy, Texas.
  • 3rd Regiment Commander: Hayley Konecny, Weslaco, Texas.
  • 1st Wing Commander: Grant Kirby, Katy, Texas.
  • 2nd Wing Commander: Hannah Limburg, McKinney, Texas.
  • 3rd Wing Commander: Mark Hill, The Woodlands, Texas.
  • Aggie Band Commander: Jacob Abell, Keller, Texas.


Media contact: Amy Thompson, Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, 979-862-1922,