Kyrie Garlic '21

Kyrie Garlic ‘21 is an English and Philosophy major from Weslaco, Texas, and is the daughter of John and Marla Garlic.

Kyrie began her Corps experience in Company S-1, serving as a Fire Team Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Scholastics Sergeant over the past three years. During her sophomore year, she attended the Nichols Rising Leadership Conference and was awarded the prestigious Harold Kupfer Scholarship.  In her final semester at Texas A&M, Kyrie is serving as the Career Readiness Officer for Company G-2.

Kyrie is a member of the Maroon & White Leadership Society and the Texas A&M Consulting Club. She also has a part-time job as a Level III-certified writing consultant at the University Writing Center, where she helps students across a wide variety of disciplines and degree programs develop their written communication skills. She spent her junior year working on an undergraduate creative thesis through the Aggie Creative Collective and LAUNCH Undergraduate Research. Kyrie was selected to attend the 2020 Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Research Symposium in April and received the LAUNCH Outstanding Thesis Award in the Creative Works category for the 2019–2020 school year. She has since been selected to participate in the Academy of Undergraduate Researchers Across Texas (AURATX), through which she has had the opportunity to connect with undergraduate researchers from Texas A&M and the University of Texas.

Kyrie will finish her academic coursework this December and hopes to participate in Texas A&M’s Public Policy Internship Program at the Texas State Capitol in the spring. Starting in August of 2021, she plans to teach either high school Mathematics or English through Teach For America in the Greater Houston Area. She is also an aspiring novelist and hopes to publish the manuscript she wrote for her undergraduate research in the next few years.

Kyrie has been an extremely successful cadet and student and represents the very best of our Corps. She will no doubt continue to impact others as she continues her journey to become a teacher and novelist. We are all proud of Kyrie and wish her continued success in all of her future endeavors.