Caleb Urbano '21

Caleb Urbano ‘21 is from Victoria, Texas and is a Physics major, minoring in Mathematics and Applied Learning. He is the son of Heather Miori and John Michael Urbano, and step son to Mark Miori and Amanda Urbano.

Caleb is the current Career Readiness Officer for Squadron 16 and member of the O.R. Simpson Honor Society. Off the Quad, Caleb serves as the Vice President of Membership for The Maroon and White Leadership Program, while also working as a Supervisor at the Aggie Call Center which raises money for The Association of Former Students.

Caleb will finish his academic coursework in August of 2021, and when finished with a semester of clinical teaching, plans to graduate in December of 2021. After graduation, he intends to teach 8th grade mathematics in a high-needs school district. Though the location has yet to be determined, Caleb is excited to utilize the experience he has gained from the Corps and Texas A&M to positively impact his future students.

“I found a community of incredible people in the Corps that made improving myself the default state. I’ve certainly been tested in ways I never would have thought were possible, and there’s certainly been some bumps along the road, but I’ve come out of it all far stronger than I was going in. I owe most of that to the community I’ve found within the Corps. I’m glad to have joined the Corps. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it,” Caleb says.

Caleb has been a highly successful cadet and represents the very best of our Corps. He will no doubt continue to impact others as he continues his journey to become a teacher. We are all proud of Caleb and wish him continued success in all of his future endeavors.