Although we can’t gather together in person for Family Weekend this year, we still want to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our cadets who have excelled throughout the school year. We are proud to recognize these outstanding cadets, and reward them for their commitment to excellence and dedication to the core values of Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets. Congratulations to all of the cadets who are receiving individual awards for the 2019-2020 school year!

Corps Commander Recognition Award

Luke Thomas (Corps Staff)

Deputy Corps Commander –Recognition Award

Daniel Strong (Corps Staff)

Corps Chief of Staff Recognition Award

Brett Johnson (Corps Staff)

Mascot Corporal Recognition Award

Colton Ray (E-2)

Corps Color Guard Commander Saber

Jestin Hall (G-1)

The Lulie Hughey Lane Scholarship

Austen Siegler (SQ-1)

The Glasscock Liberal Arts Award

Nicholas Severance (S-2)

Department of the Army Superior Cadet Awards

Senior–Vincent Velasquez (Delta Co)

Junior–Luke Vitullo (B-2)

Sophomore–Jonathan Ilori (A-2)

Freshman–Simrun Head (A-2)

The Ensign Mike Beach Memorial Scholarship

Joseph Rivas (C-2)

Air Force Association Award

Michael Whittaker (2nd Wing Staff)

Outstanding Corps Staff Officer Award

Josh Mathew (Corps Staff)

Outstanding Major Unit Commander Award

Nick Rossi (Combined Band Staff)

Outstanding Outfit Commander Award

Carson Baldwin (K-2)

Outstanding Executive Officer Award

Luke Young (S-1)

Outstanding First Sergeant Award

Andrew Patterson (D Co)

Outstanding Sophomore Award

Emily Hudechek (A-2)

Outstanding Freshman Award

Sean Watson (F-2)

Outstanding Scholastics Officer & Outstanding Scholastics Sergeant

Officer–Kenneth Cooper (G-1)

Sergeant–Jaimie Colon (SQ-6)

Outstanding Drill and Ceremony Cadets

Overall in Corps

Senior–Hannah Campbell (N-1)

Junior–Ross Beazley (B Co)

Reserve Officers Association Award


Senior–John Bailey (B-2)

Junior–Zachary Browne (D-1)

Sophomore–Thomas Gibbs (B-2)


Senior–Charlotte Miller (G-2)

Junior–Brian Nicpon (C-2)

Sophomore–Anthony Berlinghoff (SQ-4)

Air Force

Senior–Samuel Beatty (IB Staff)

Junior–Tanner Cedrone (1REG Staff)

Sophomore–Genevieve Bernard (SQ-3)

Daughters of the American Revolution Medal

La Villita Chapter

Army–Lily Connolly (A-1)

Marine Corps–Ethan Cain (1REG Staff)

William Scott Chapter

Navy–Alyssa Pierson (E-2)

Air Force–Valerie Moran (SQ-5)

Veterans of Foreign Wars ROTC Medal


Senior–Ethan Bates (A-1)

Junior–Nathaniel Peckman (D-1)

Sophomore–Arthur Waltzman (B-2)


Senior–Bryan Chichester (H-1)

Junior–Caden Scott (Corps Staff)

Sophomore–Erin Keohane (S-2)

Air Force

Senior–Peyton Kirby (SQ-21)

Junior–Caleb Chandler (SQ-12)

Sophomore–Andrew Bainbridge (SQ-1)

American Legion Award for Military Excellence


Senior–Brannon Sickels (B-2)

Junior–Ryan Merz (D-1)


Senior–Reina Moreno (3REG Staff)

Junior–Andrew Jansen (Corps Staff)

Air Force

Senior–Brendan Kearney (SQ-8)

Junior–Colton Roach (SQ-21)

American Legion Award for Academic Excellence


Senior–Austin Overby (A-1)

Junior–Cole Tschirhart (I-1 )


Senior–Carrson Baldwin (K-2)

Junior–Sierra German (SQ-4)

Air Force

Senior–Michael Milton (CB Staff)

Junior–Nathan Hoskinson (SQ-12)

National Sojourners Award

Army–Maximillian Rawls (1BDE Staff)

Marine Corps–Jayden Weaver (F-1)

Navy–Zachary Colman (SQ-4)

Air Force–Nathanael Hughes (SQ-3)

Military Officers’ Association of America Award

Army–Nathan Redman (E-1)

Marine Corps–Jacob Huffman (H-1)

Navy–Cade Foster (N-1)

Air Force–Jared Martens (SQ-12)

Independence Chapter, Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Award

Army–Hector Marines-Chio (K-1)

Marine Corps–Daniel Garcia (N-1)

Navy–Colton Bates (K-2)

Air Force–Zachary Watson (SQ-5)

Alan F. Aertker ’74 Memorial Award

Benjamin Wade (SQ-17)

Dennis Mason ’75 Memorial Award

Hannah Sullivan (SQ-8)

Roger H. Gray Memorial Fund

Liam Stevens (C-2)

Ken Donnelly Fish Drill Team Award

Cameron Paladino (B Co)

E.G. “Rod” Pittman ’56 Memorial Scholarship

Alexander Cannon (D-1)

Reveille VI Endowed Scholarship

Caroline Sauter (E-2)

Ross Volunteer Kaspar Award

Nick Jackson (A Co)

Bum Bright Harrison Family Endowed Award

Johann Dube (A-1)

Dudley Evans Baker Scholarship Fund

Matt Wilke (SQ-17)

Caden Scott (Corps Staff)

Johann Dube (A-1)

Will Walton (SQ-17)

Squadron 1 Hustlin’ 1 Boot Award

Andrew Bainbridge (SQ-1)

Squadron 21 Lutkemiller Boot Award

Ivan Carrasco (SQ-21)

Infantry Band ’75 Boot Award

Nolan Moore (A Co)

Maria Arriola (B Co)

Alissa Flores (C Co)

The Bruce Dean Goodrich Award

Ian Austin (L-1)

Zachary L. Davis Award

James McKenna (2REG Staff)

Hellcat 9 ’68 Boots and Saber Award

Jonathan Ilori (A-2)

Wofford Cain Boot and Saber Award

Brady Beene (L-1)

Justin Elston-Hurdle (B-2)

Keilin Omara (K-1)

Eric Krieger (C-2)

Ryan Loesing (H-1)

Dallas Flake (G-1)

Sarah Andrus (3WNG Staff)

Hannah Sullivan (SQ-8)

Hunter Cafiero (SQ-20)

Ross Beazley (B Co)

Mason Loss (C-2)

Victoria Rodriguez (SQ-20)

LTC James Wyatt Boots & Saber Award

Connor Fortier (SQ-23)

Dallas A&M Club Senior Boots Award

Karylin Hauser (N-1)

Alexis Lazaro-Arroyo (SQ-5)

The Kelly Castleberry Memorial Award

Mia Miller (2REG Staff)

President’s Medal

Tanner Cedrone (1REG Staff)

The Colonel Woodall Saber Award (for rising Deputy Corps Commander)

Andrew Patterson (Delta Co)

Rising Chief of Staff Saber Award

Andrew Jansen (Corps Staff)

Military Order of the World Wars Award


Junior–Ross Baysinger (P-2)

Sophomore–Justin Funk (E-1)

Freshman–Virginia Condry (D-1)

Marine Corps

Junior–Jun Yi (N-1)

Sophomore–Jayden Weaver (F-1)

Freshman–Bryce Buchanon (H-1)


Junior–Reece Wilshire (G-1)

Sophomore–Kirby Heffernan (S-2)

Freshman–Jacob Tidwell (N-1)

Air Force

Junior–Giulia Vega Ayala (3WNG Staff)

Sophomore–Steven Heissenhuber (SQ-23)

Freshman–Ethan Elliot (SQ-21)

The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States Award

Army–Cole Hodges (I-1)

Navy/Marine Corps–Matthew Marroquin (S-2)

Air Force–Mary Stewart (SQ-8)

AT&T Veterans ROTC Leadership Award

Army–Charles Fortenberry (D-2)

Marine Corps–Taylor Neymeyer (K-2)

Navy–Carrson Baldwin (K-2)

Air Force–Elisabeth Teitelman (SQ-8)

Delta Company–Nikolas D. Bogost (Delta Co)

Outstanding Academic Cadets

Senior–Hannah DeMuth (A Co)

Junior–Antonio Partida (3BDE Staff)

Sophomore–Paul Lessard (N-1)

Freshman–John Arrington (G-2)

Olin E. Teague Soldier Statesman Award

Army–Connor Schmidt (D-1)

Marine Corps–Stephen Forbes (C-2)

Navy–Sebastian Michko (G-1)

Air Force–Ryan Yovanovich (SQ-16)

Society of American Military Engineers Award

Army–Travis Martini (E-1)

Navy/Marine Corps–Clara Shurtleff (G-2)

Air Force–Jack Rzepecki (SQ-11)

The Association of Former Students ROTC Cadre Award

Army ROTC–CPT Joseph D. Ruohonen, USA

Navy/Marine Corps ROTC–Capt Jordan M. Reid ’09, USMC

Air Force ROTC–Capt Colt W. Tater ’10, USAF

Office of the Commandant Outstanding Cadet Training Officer Award

LCDR Dennis “Lee” Hassman ’88, USN (Ret)


Congratulations to the outfits who received the Major Flag Awards this year! Despite the fact that the school year has been cut short due to COVID-19, it is still important we recognize the outstanding achievements of our cadets and our outfits throughout the 2019-2020 year.

Outstanding Corps Color Guard Award

3rd Brigade Color Guard

Outstanding Major Unit Staff Award

3rd Regiment Staff

The Commandant’s Flag
1st Place Company N-1
2nd Place A Company
3rd Place Squadron 23

The Robert M. Gates Public Service Award
1st Place Squadron 6
2nd Place Company F-1
3rd Place Squadron 17

The J.J. Sanchez Recruiting and Retention Award
1st Place Company D-2
2nd Place Company E-1
3rd Place Company A-2

The George P.F. Jouine Award
1st Place Company F-2
2nd Place Squadron 20
3rd Place Company B-2

The Bruno A. Hochmuth Award
1st Place Company K-2
2nd Place B Company
3rd Place Company F-2

The Taylor A. Gillespie Most Improved Outfit Award
1st Place Company F-2
2nd Place Squadron 6
3rd Place Company K-2

The President’s Flag

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

The General George F. Moore Outstanding Unit Award
1st Place Company F-2
2nd Place B Battery
3rd Place TIE: C Battery & Company N-1


From Dr. Tim Rhea, Director of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

Aggie Band –

This upcoming Saturday, April 18th, would have been the day when we gathered in Rudder Auditorium to celebrate the many accomplishments of members of the Aggie Band during our Family Weekend Aggie Band Awards Program.  As this semester is not concluding in a way that any of us expected, I believe it is very important to recognize all of the individuals who would have been honored on Saturday.  

The below link is now up on the Music Activities webpage:


I am truly sorry that we will not have a chance to be together on Saturday, but it is very important to me, Colonel Brewer, LT Tipton, and Mrs. Haven that all of your accomplishments be recognized in a public setting.  

Thank all of you for an outstanding year. I look forward to the opportunity of seeing you again as soon as possible.