International Excursions

The Corps of Cadets sent 78 students on three Corps of Cadets International Excursions in May 2018. These cadets traveled to Australia, Brazil, and England-France and experienced different countries and cultures through the lens of the 4 Elements of National Power: Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics, while also examining the impact of Religion and Culture in each country. The cadets gained a greater understanding of the global challenges facing our nation in countries strategically crucial to the US, while also expanding their global awareness, cultural knowledge, and leadership skills. Next year we will continue this exciting, high impact program with three more excursions to Germany-Poland, Ukraine-Georgia, and Israel planned. These excursions are relatively free to our cadets (the only requirement is for them to have a passport and pay a nominal processing fee), are highly competitive, and extremely educational.

To add to the experiences available in the Global Initiatives Program, we sponsored a group of 12 cadets on a 6-day excursion of our nation’s capital over Spring Break. The cadets explored elements of our national power while also partaking in studying many aspects of our government and our history. The cadets enjoyed Washington, DC and especially enjoyed their time with Aggies who live and work in the capital area.

Project Global Officer

In addition to our Excursion Program, many cadets traveled abroad in support of the Department of Defense (DOD) initiative Project GO (Project Global Officer) – a collaborative effort that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for ROTC students. Cadets traveled to Kyrgyzstan, China, and Morocco as part of Project GO, and gained valuable experience and insights that will serve them well as military officers in the future.

International Exchange Program

The Corps International Exchange program is growing rapidly. Two lieutenants from the German Armed Forces studied at Texas A&M as members of the Corps of Cadets during the year, while a total of 3 Aggie cadets studied at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) in Hamburg, Germany. In Spring 2018, two cadets traveled to the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra, Australia. As part of that exchange, we hosted four cadets from ADFA in the Spring of 2018.

Korean ROTC Cadet Leadership Program

In February 2018, the Corps hosted 49 Republic of Korea ROTC cadets for a three-week leadership program. The Korean cadets stayed in the Corps dorms, ate in Duncan Dining Center, attended classes with our cadets, and interacted daily with their Aggie hosts. We are exploring options with the Korean ROTC Association to reciprocate by having Texas A&M cadets visit Korea for a similar experience in the future.

Global Programs Fulfill Our Mission

Our Corps Global Initiatives Program has grown over the past three years, and we hope to continue to expand on that success. Of the many students from Texas A&M that travel and study abroad as part of their education, the Corps of Cadets now sends over 15% – a fact that we are very proud of and hope to increase in the future to better prepare our cadets for the global environment they will enter upon graduation! We are proud of our Global Initiatives Program and the opportunities it offers our cadets!

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