Martha Andrea Villarreal ‘18

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Martha Andrea Villarreal ‘18 is a nutritional sciences major with a focus in pre-medical sciences. She is the daughter of John and Martha Villarreal and calls Laredo, Texas her home. Currently, Martha serves as the commanding officer of Squadron 18.  She has also represented Squadron 18 as their first sergeant, platoon sergeant, scholastics sergeant, [...]

Amy Siller ’15

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Amy Siller ’15 is an Animal Science Major from Waco, Texas and is the daughter of Martha and Alejandro Siller. She is currently serving as the Public Relations and Professional Development Officer for the Third Regiment Staff for the 2014-2015 school year. Active within the Corps, Amy is a member of Squadron 18 for which [...]

Kayla Carney ’14

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Kayla Carney ’14 is a Leadership Studies major with minors in Communication and Sociology from Allen, Texas. She is the daughter of Kim Sylvester and Paul Carney. Kayla is currently serving as the Executive Officer for Company A-2 and also serves as the S-4 Officer for the Texas A&M Army ROTC Warrior Training Battalion for [...]

Akshay Shankar ’15

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Akshay Shankar ’15 is an Aerospace Engineering major from Lucknow, India and is the son of Jayashree and Krishnamoorthy Shankar. Akshay is an international student. Active within the Corps of Cadets, Akshay is serving as the Platoon/Flight Sergeant for Squadron 18 for the 2013 – 2014 school year and was a member of the O.R. [...]