Duncan Thornton ’17

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Duncan Thornton ’17 is an Industrial Distribution major with a minor in business from Huntsville, Texas. He is the eldest son of Joe and Melissa Thornton. Duncan’s younger sister just started her freshman year at Sam Houston State University. Duncan is a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, and began his fish year as [...]

David Roensch ’17

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David Roensch '17 is a Finance major from Collinsville, Oklahoma. He is the youngest son of David and Mary Kay Roensch. David is currently serving as the Commanding Officer for Company P-2 after spending his first 3 years in Company C-2. While in C-2, he served as a Fire Team Leader, Squad Leader, and planned [...]

J. Reed Holcomb ’17

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Reed Holcomb ’17 is a Construction Science major with a Business Administration minor from Fort Worth, Texas.  He is the son of James and Paula Holcomb, and the brother of Rachel Holcomb ’15.  He is currently in his second year on the 2nd Wing Staff serving as the Recruiting and Public Relations Officer. Reed started [...]

JC Park ’17

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JC Park ’17 is an Electrical Systems Engineering Technology major from Bel Air, Maryland. He is the son of CPT (Ret.) John and CPT (Ret.) LaRae Park and a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band. JC was a member of C-Battery his fish and sophomore years. He is currently on the Combined Band Staff [...]

Jonathan Cluck ’16

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Jonathan Cluck ’16 is an Agricultural Leadership and Development major with a minor in Business Administration. He’s from Boerne, Texas and is the son of Jonathan and Karen Cluck. Jonathan is in Company D-2 and a member of the Parsons Mounted Cavalry. This year Jonathan serves as the Artillery Officer in the Half-Section for Parsons [...]

Clark Nastri ’17

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Clark Nastri ’17 from Richmond, Texas is the son of Steve Nastri and Grace Clark. He is a Supply Chain Management major with a minor in Economics, a certificate in International Business and, a certificate in Leadership Studies. He is currently serving as a Squad Leader for Company A-1. Clark served as Recruiting Corporal and [...]

Yucheng Guo ’17

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Yucheng Guo ‘16 is an Electrical Engineering Major from Qingdao, China and is the son of Luhai Guo and Guanghong Zhu. He is currently serving as the Scholastic Officer in Squadron 6 for the 2015-2016 school year. Active within the Corps, Yucheng was originally from SQ-1 and spent one year with SQ-12. He is currently [...]

Stephanie Minor ’16

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Stephanie Minor ’16 is an Agricultural Leadership and Development major from Keller, Texas. She is in Delta Company and is a member of Parsons Mounted Cavalry. Stephanie served as the Operations Officer for the fall 2015 semester and the 1st Platoon Leader for the spring 2016 semester. Stephanie is a US Navy Seabee veteran. She [...]