Squadron 2


                Squadron 2 - Easy Come, Easy Go Excellence in all we do - Academics, Athletics, Physical Fitness. Gator 2 is a family based outfit which recognizes [...]

Squadron 3


Squadron 3 Thunderbirds Only The Best In Thunderbird 3, our motto is “Only The Best”. Named after the elite Air Force air demonstration squadron, The Thunderbirds, our goal is to achieve exactly what The Thunderbirds represent: Excellence In All We [...]

Squadron 8


Squadron 8 - The Outlaws Our mission is to provide rigorous training that will create well-disciplined men and women of character, to supply academic support that will assist our cadets in their studies while at Texas A&M, to [...]

Squadron 11


Squadron 11 Heaven's 11 Heaven's 11 is an outfit for highly motivated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) majors. We assist with a cadet's academic excellence by surrounding them with individuals who have or are taking the same courses. This [...]

Squadron 17

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Squadron 17 Challenger Shoot For The Stars Challenger 17 is an outfit of highly motivated campus leaders dedicated to academic success, military professionalism, and athletic achievement. Our outfit maintains high academic and athletic standards. Our leadership can be seen through [...]