Company C-2

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                Company C-2 - Old Army Cock Company Company C-2’s mission is to develop humble, academically successful, and physically fit leaders who, without compromise, value commitment, family, [...]

Company E-2


Company E-2 The Mascot Company An outfit that prides itself on its professionalism, academic excellence, campus-wide involvement, and challenging environment. Holding the distinction of being the Mascot Company, E-2 has the privilege and responsibility of being the caretakers of the [...]

Company F-1


                Company F-1 - Finest First An outfit steeped in history and tradition, Company F-1 created the Corps Brass that every cadet since 1960 has earned and [...]

Company N-1


                N-1 Knights - First in Sight, Ready to Fight In Company N-1, we produce well-disciplined cadet leaders who are ready to take on the challenges of [...]

Company S-2


                Company S-2 - The Marauders “Instill Terror, Have No Error” An outfit with a well defined emphasis on academic excellence and physical fitness. We pride ourselves [...]