Company G-2


                Company G-2 Gladiators As a STEM outfit (for science, technology, engineering, and math related majors), G-2 puts forth maximum effort towards preparing its cadets for their [...]

Company H-1

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                H-1 Rough Riders - Seek and Destroy The Rough Riders are dedicated to molding the well-rounded leader of today’s military and civilian society, hence our motto: [...]

Company P-2


P-2 Trident P Land-Air-Sea With the motto “Land-Air-Sea,” Company P-2 is devoted to preparing for all aspects of our cadet’s futures, from developing skilled and dedicated officers for military service to professional and well-prepared adults [...]

Company S-1


                S-1 Spartans - With It Or Upon It The Spartan mission is to develop the warrior within all of our cadets. From a life of rigor [...]