Company B-1


Battlin' B-1 Best of the Old, First of the New Battlin' B-1 is one of the oldest Army outfits in the Corps of Cadets. B-1 holds its cadets to a high academic standard, keeping "success in academics" as its primary [...]

Company F-2

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F-2 Fighting Foxes What's it to ya, Snake? Established in 1959, F-2 boasts over 50 years of rich history and heritage in the Corps of Cadets. Our cadets pride themselves on a strong sense of family and camaraderie, forming bonds [...]

Company L-1

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L-1 Lonestar Company - Hell Raising Rebels Known as the Lonestar Company, we believe strongly in academic success, personal accountability, and physical fitness. We encourage all of our cadets to be involved in activities outside of L-1 [...]