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E-1 Jocks – The Strongest, the Fastest, the Best of the Ol’ Army Jocks

Company E-1

E-1, The Athletic Company, is an outfit known for well-rounded leaders who succeed in academics and athletics. Having a variety of majors including, but not limited to STEM, business, liberal arts, and agriculture, we help each other in academics by surrounding each other with resources that help you be academically successful. Many Jocks earn their place on the Commandant’s honor roll. We have leaders and extensive involvement in special units such as the Ross Volunteers, Parsons Mounted Cavalry, Corps Marksmanship Unit, Yell Leaders, and Corps Athletic Teams. Aside from our focus of academics and leadership, it is our competitive nature in athletics that gives our outfit an identity. We consistently win intramural championships competing against other outfits in the Corps. If you are an athlete who wants to become a better leader, E-1 is the place for you.