Corps Units

The Corps of Cadets is a large and diverse program comprised of many units, each with unique traits and offerings. Students join a unit based on their interests, major and ROTC choice. Cadets live on campus with their unit in the Corps dorms and build lifelong friendships with members of their class, as well as the upperclassmen and underclassmen in their unit.

For the school year beginning in the Fall 2014 the Corps will add two new STEM (scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematics) units – Squadron 11 (AFROTC) and G-2 (NROTC).  Three current units will be designated as STEM – F-2 (AROTC), I-1 (AROTC), and SQ-12 (AFROTC).  One current unit will be designated as Government Service – D-1 (AROTC).  We will also activate a new major unit – 3rd Regiment (NROTC) and two minor units – Infantry Band and Artillery Band.  Many units will be realigned under different major units.