Corps Main Campus March-In

Kick-off for the game against Tennessee on 8 October is set for 2:30PM. Step-off from the Quad for the football game against Tennessee will be at 1:00 PM. The Corps will conduct a “March-in on Campus,” for this week’s game. The Corps will march through campus, in front of the Memorial Student Center, in front of the North Plaza of Kyle Field, past Cain Park, past Simpson Drill Field, and up Military Walk towards Sbisa before marching back to the Quad. The Reviewing Stand will be positioned on Gene Stallings Blvd. on the west end of the Memorial Student Center. The Aggie Band will stop on Joe Routt Blvd and play while the Corps marches past on Gene Stallings Blvd. The Corps of Cadets will march-in to Kyle Field again on 29 October for the New Mexico State Game. The map for the March-in on Campus is below.