Squadron 20 named Corps Sustainability Champion



This year the Corps of Cadets took a unique approach to participation in the Texas A&M Campus Sustainability Challenge by devising a competition that pitted outfit against outfit in a select few events. The goal of participation this year was to set a foundation for future challenges and a year-round sustainability program.

Outfits were given six events to compete for points during September and October, which were awarded based on the percentage of the cadets in each outfit that participated in each event.

Events included, Aggie Replant, Stream Clean, Dorm Energy Conservation Challenge (done by dorm, not outfit, with each outfit in a dorm receiving a certain amount of points dependent upon their place of finish in the event), Fishing Festival Participation, Participation in viewing of “Trashed” (one part of a film series with topics of global sustainability) and Kyle Field Recycling.

“This is the first year that the Corps of Cadets has participated in the Sustainability Challenge and they did a great job, said Dr. Carol Binzer, Director, Administrative and Support Services, Residence Life . “Squadron 20 is the overall Champion and will have a plaque to hang in their hall, while Briggs is recognized for the greatest conservation of utilities in their comparative challenge.”

This is the second (of the 4 years of the challenge) to be been held in the fall semester, in hopes of encouraging students to start the year off with better sustainability practices and habits. Additionally, this year’s challenge took an even more expanded view of sustainability.

“The Corps of Cadets really embraced this challenge and are honored to have been named the Champion, said Johnny Smith, Asst. Director, Corps of Cadets. “I know they’ll display their plaque with pride and keep maintaining the principles of the challenge.”

Above photo, from right, Dr. Carol Binzer, Campus Sustainability Challenge Chairman, Johnny Smith, James Johnson ’13, 1st Sergeant, Squadron 20, Corps of Cadets and Kelly Wellman, Sustainability Officer, Office of Vice President for Facilities.

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